Monday, 25 September 2017

A Trip To Wales

We've had the first of many trip to Wales the last couple of days. We caught up with friends and on the Monday they took us up and around the Gower Peninsula area. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We stopped off in many villages and beauty spots and they also took us to many areas they thought we might want to buy in.
We had a scrumptious Sunday lunch in Tenby then headed back towards Swansea. Today we went for a stroll in Rhossilli. They day weatherwise was much better today, gorgeous sunshine. We did some more exploring and took in the local area. I was trying to get the courage together to say good morning in Welsh to someone...I failed :(

We need to get the bedroom decorated now as a priority which we have decided to do this weekend as we keep procrastinating and not getting it done!

We still have reservations about the move as we will be moving further away from friends and family but it still feels like the right thing to do. It is scary though. If anyone had done anything similar moving to an entirely new area and wants to offer any thoughts it would be much appreciated!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Getting The House Ready For Selling

We live in a maisonette, which is basically a house that has been split into 2 flats, we live in the upstairs and we have a neighbour downstairs. We have lived here for 7 years and have given it a lot of love in that time, it needed it! But knowing we will soon be putting it on the market has given us the much needed push to do the last few cosmetic jobs before we can finally say it's finished- and move on to the next one!

Last Monday my Dad drove up from Dorset and hung some new doors for us, fitted our new shower door, replaced a light fitting, fitted a blind  and did a bit of tile repair for us.

Now we just have to do some decorating to freshen up 2 of the rooms and the porch and we're ready to go on the market!

So excited about this next chapter in our lives! If the weather stays fit this weekend I will hopefully get to paint the decking and I MUST get to the allotment which has been severely neglected the past few weeks.

On the craft side I am crocheting a hat and have been making gluten free crackers from buckwheat flour which is delicious.

Will check in again soon!


Sunday, 3 September 2017

A Little Catch Up

From now, until the end of September is so busy, almost every day on the calendar  has something written on it! We are pressing forward with the plan to move and had my parents up last weekend as my Dad is going to do a bit of DIY for us as he is a pro at it to help our home be ready to go on the market.

I had a couple of friends up last weekend for 2 days. We had lovely weather. I saved some of the money I got for my birthday and it was lovely to be able to treat them to lunch at my favourite cafe. We went for walks, went blackberry picking, played games and had general merriment. It was lovely
Work has been busy. It has undergone a big expansion and unfortunately now every day seems a bit chaotic and I am having to do regular overtime to cover for people being on holiday or off sick, which I don't really like to do as I value my time much more than a little extra money (not that we don't need it, I just don't want to be at work all the time). I won't be sorry to leave really when we move so it will be an easy tie to cut.

I have not been doing a lot craft wise but I am still working hard learning Welsh and we have been re-enacting recently doing Lacock At War and we have Bude At War coming up too.

We went over a friends house for dinner last night and we played games and had fun. It was realy fun. Today, I started the day by making dh pancakes with stewed blackberries (handpicked from the hedgerows), I've sat with my coffee and had a short read. It is raining here very hard but I promised a friend some allotment produce so I will go down their and pick some bits. We are going to call in for a cup of tea with one of my lovely elderly lady friends, I am going to do some more Welsh, do the ironing and go and pick up a second hand computer monitor dh got off Ebay yesterday as his has packed up and he got this one really cheap :)

My walking challenge continues and I am loving it. In mid August I challenged myself to walk 500 miles before the end of the year (walking round at work etc doesn't count). It has really motivated me to be more active, I walked 6 miles yesterday. Sometimes it's hard to find the time, but I seem to be managing at the moment :)

All in all, a busy time but I will try and keep posting in September as much as possible. We have a trip to Wales planned, more reenacting shows, decorating and DIY to do, the allotment shed to paint, the decking here to finish painting, as well as working full time. Life is exciting at the moment and I am enjoying all the challenges and changes that are happening because of it :)

Breakfast pancakes for Dh
All the extra walking before and after work means I get to see some great sunrises and sunsets. Yesterday I saw 4 deer first thing having a nibble on the hedgerows :)