Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What I Do As Soon As I Get Up

Since we came back from Australia, I have started doing something in the morning I can't imagine ever stopping as I enjoy it so much.

I've never been one for getting up in the morning and putting the tele on, occasionally the radio, but not the tele. I like quiet in the morning. It's calming and I think it's a much nicer way to wake up. I don't even like a lot of lights on if I can help it, prefering natural light or lamps, if neccessary. I used to get up and potter round doing jobs until I was ready to go to work or whatever. But now I get up, make dh and I a tea or coffee, go into the lounge, sit and read, for about 20 minutes. I love it. I love the quietness, I love just sitting, I love hearing the cars of people rushing past going about their daily business. Burt usually comes and joins me. Dh usually goes straight to his office, or if it's a weekend sometimes he stays in bed and has an extra half an hour, so it's always just me. It's lovely.

I usually read factual books rather than novels, but that's just me. I know it's easier for me as I don't have children but I still see this time as a treat. I'm more of a morning person than an evening one so I know I wouldn't do this in an evening, plus there's something about the stillness of the morning that makes my quiet, early morning read even more enjoyable :)

I was at Lacock At War reenacting the weekend just gone so have lots of catching up jobs to do this week before guests arrive for the weekend. We have a busy September coming up before everything quietens down for winter.

My Current Book Bought Second Hand Is Absolutely Fascinating. 


  1. I, too, love early mornings, but as husband and I are retired (for many years, I might add) we tend to have coffee and read in bed until our bodies and minds have thoroughly woken up! It's a very nice, peaceful time of the day.
    Margaret P

    1. Sounds even better! I'll do that when I retire!:)

  2. Just ordered the book you are reading from eBay .I love reading historical accounts of how ordinary folk lived day to day during ww2. Love collecting too,my husband says our house looks like a museum!
    Happy days Tara UK

    1. Hi Tara, hope you enjoy it! I am reading the bit about wartime Christmas at the moment. It's so interesting and I marvel at the attitude and ingenuity.