Friday, 4 August 2017

Approved Food

After the success of our Approved Food order last month, I wasn't planning on doing another order yet as we still have plenty left but I went and had a little look to see if there was any good deals and there was lots of Organic and Gluten Free products  (for dh) so I did another order which will last AGES!

Here's what I got:

2 Packs Organic Tortilla wraps
1 Pack Organic Amisa Crispbreads
50 Earl Grey teabags
2 x 450ml Organic Coconut Oil
1 x Organic Date Syrup
2 boxes Organic Sun dried tomato oatcakes.
4 Doves Farm Apricot and Chia Bars
4 Doves Farm Banana and hemp bars
4 Cashew and peanut bars
2 x 250g Finn Rye Crackers
2 x 500g Green Lentils
1 x Mayonnaise
2 x GF Sourdough loaves
1 x Organic Almond Butter 170g
1 x Orgran Coco O's (a treat for dh!)
3 x Rawbite Peanut Bars
2 packs GF rolls
2 loaves GF bread with amaranth
1 x Sharpham Park Organic Bran Flakes
2 x Muesli 450g
40 Organic Tea Bags
1kg Pumpkin Seeds

We got all that for £32.68 +p&p which I think is pretty darned tootin good!
The bars are great for lunch boxes or emergency car snacks and everything else will be used with plenty of allotment veg and fresh produce. It will help us to save money for our move!


  1. Great shop Gillie,I know of Approved Foods but have not ordered from them before.Must give them a try .Have a great weekend.
    Tara UK.

  2. It's always worth a look as sometimes they have some really good stuff:)

  3. I haven't ordered from them this year, I usually do around twice a year to stretch the budget, it usually takes me a while to do an order, sifting through all the c**p on there but there are some good buys to be had.

    1. There certainly are, if you can resist the junk food!;)