Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wednesday Dog Walking And Looking Forward To Getting Back In My Routine

I am working extra hours (again) this week and next week as a colleague is on holiday. I don't know how I always seem to end up doing most the cover. I think it's because others only work part time or have children so can't do extra hours. To be honest, I'd rather have the time off than the overtime money (which isn't a lot) but never mind, can't be helped.

Because of this I am out of my usual routine. It does make me appreciate my time off more than ever, even though it is then busy while I try and catch up on jobs. Sometimes I don't feel like doing much when I get in which, although I don't like, I try not to push myself if I feel I need to rest.

Today, after I finished work it was Cinnamon Trust dog walking. My lovely dogs never fail to cheer me with their appreciation of the simplist things. A leg stretch and some good sniffs makes them so happy :) When I do holiday cover I always tell work I can't cover late Wednesday afternoons so I don't let my old ladies down by having to cancel. I called in at my local leisure centre as they are doing a pilates class on Wednesday nights I'm thinking about trying. I find myself a bit stiff if the mornings and would like to tone up a bit too. Being a local authority leisure centre the prices are very reasonable too.

Once we were in dh made dinner while I roasted some veggies and made another frittata. We then had quiet time, dh did some drawing and I read. Burt was sick twice this morning so is on a bland diet. Hopefully, it's just that he ate too quickly. I have ironing to do but it can wait til tomorrow I think :)


  1. It's so kind of you to take care of these much loved dogs. I'm sure their owners appreciate it very much. I have tried to follow your idea of quiet time; it's so relaxing not to have the tv or other noise be a distraction. Wishing you the best for the rest of your week. Pat xx

    1. Thanks Pat. I'm so pleased your trying Quiet Time. We dont always have time to do it but I really enjoy it when we do and I think I fall asleep better too :)