Saturday, 1 July 2017

Visiting Friends......Well Trying!!!

I arranged to have a day off on Friday so we could go and visit friends in Berkshire. We don't have a big circle of friends so we like to make the effort to see 'true' friends and they are always happy to reciprocate.

We left in, what we thought was plenty of time, and started a journey of what should have taken just under 2 hours. We got to the main road .....and sat in traffic......we tried to make sneaky cross country short cuts......and sat in traffic..... we tried to divert ANY way that was moving...... nowhere was moving. We started the journey in such good spirits but couldn't help feeling tired and a bit fed up when we arrived 3 1/2 hours later!

We had such a nice catch up though that evening. We made fajitas for dinner and had Pimms. We ended the evening with a short dog walk and a few rounds of Uno :)
Today we woke up and the weather was fine. We had planned to go to the New Forest for a dog walk and lunch at our favourite pub there as we have been to the Forest before.

We started off well and the traffic was flowing nicely, we went in 2 separate cars as we would be heading home from the Forest in the evening. After about 30 mins into the journey, my friend rang me to say that her dh's satnav had just told him 5 miles up the road was an accident with delays of 1 1/2 hours! whilst hoping everyone involved was ok it was obvious that if the road was closed it was probably serious and we came off at the next junction and started our merry way trying to negotiate an alternative route along with many, many other people doing the same thing. We made the right decision though as we passed near the motorway at one point and it was solid stationary traffic :/

Once we got to the Forest we drove to Lyndhurst where they were queueing to get into the town! We'd almost lost the will by this point as an hour journey had taken close to 2 :/ so we parked out of town and walked in for a look around. My friend J brought a couple of gifts then it was on to our favourite pub which didn't dissapoint especially with the puddings which were huge! I managed to restrain myself with 2 scoops of ice cream but our friends had Nutella and Oreo waffles which came with a mountain of cream and ice cream- I don't know where they put it!

We then went on a lovely walk through the Forest, so beautiful and really peaceful considering how many people must have been in the area enjoying the weather. The New Forest has an abundance of Native Wild ponies and we saw plenty of ponies and foals while we were there :)

Once we were back it was time to say goodbye and dh made our 2 hour trip home which was thankfully fairly uneventful. But tomorrow I'm not leaving the house by car at all! Just about to sit and read my book and enjoy not being in a car!

I always like to arrive with a gift. I bought some natural treats for her beautiful pets. 

And a sunflower for my lovely friends :)
The gorgeous weather proved to be both a curse and a blessing
The New Forest is absolutely beutiful and I can see why it is so popular 


  1. Glad you enjoyed time with your friends, shame about the journey, I wish you a happy relaxed rest of the weekend x

    1. Thank you. We're having an early night tonight :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. What a shame you spent so much time in the car. At least the weather and the scenery made up for it. X

    1. The weather was lovely but very hot driving home as we dont have air con in the car. I bet a lot of cars overheated on the roads today.

  3. Traffic can be a nightmare sometimes. Glad you hear you had a safe, fun time and arrived home in good time. Pat xx