Saturday, 29 July 2017

Trouble Sleeping

I have been having the most horrendous time sleeping over the last few weeks. I have no idea why but it's been getting worse. Wednesday and Thursday nights were the worse nights yet with Thursday night I think I finally got off close to 3am, with the alarm going off at 6am I felt like a zombie at work yesterday. In desperation I have ordered Paul MacKennas I Can Make You Sleep book as it had pretty good reviews online. I am doing all the usual things like not having caffeine later and we dont have a tele in our bedroom so I'm not watching tele or using my phone in bed.

Last night I was so exhausted I think I did get off about 10pm (hurrah!) , but Burt woke me up at 4am and I don't think I really slept much after that. I do feel better today though. Today I am working this morning, then we're driving to my parents for my Dad's birthday BBQ but the weather looks iffy so it might be indoors! Tomorrow we're going to see the new film Dunkirk at our local, independent Cinema. We're also doing lots of planning for our (still hopeful!) move next year.


  1. You poor thing I know just how you feel, mine is to do with the menopause I haven't slept properly in years now and its grinding me down, do let me know if the book is any good.

  2. Hi Gilly,happy to see you posting again.It's miserable when you can't sleep even when you are so tired.Hope it improves soon.
    I've just looked out of the window here and its ominous dark clouds .Hope your Dad enjoys his birthday celebrations regardless.
    Best wishes Tara UK.

    1. Thanks. Yes I've been so tired in the evenings, it's hard to get motivated to do too much!