Monday, 3 July 2017

The Shower Curtain Has Fallen Down :/

Our shower curtain has always been .....not great. Our shower is set in the bath with a circular curtain that goes round on a rail. We've never really liked it and our bathroom could do with being updated. The bath has a crack about 1/3 of the way up so we can't have baths either. 

We've always made do because there always seem to be other priorities for our money. But today, as Dh went to have a shower the rail started coming out the wall. Dh, by his own admission, is not the best at DIY (although he's a lot better than me!) so he has just managed to remove it for now. He has come up with a temporary solution of shutting one corner of the shower curtain in the window which is next to the shower and the other corner over the door!

This will have to do until we can get something sorted. A bit of the tiles came out the wall as well and will need sorting. We've just had to renew our home insurance and pay for the car to go through its MOT and service including 4 new tyres so we're a bit tight at the moment. But we'll make do, its all good.

Oh and Burt has an ear infection and had to have 3 ear drop applications a day which is more good news! He's unimpressed and is sulking. Never mind, onwards and upwards! :)

Burt recuperating on Dh's windowsill. 


  1. There's always something isn't there, but as you say sometimes you just have to make do for a while.

  2. there always seems to be something that needs dealing with every time I get one thing sorted something else comes up. Such is life. Hope things can be fixed for you without too much expense, best wishes Judi from Australia

    1. Thanks Judy, yes it always seems to be the way!

  3. I agree, always something! Hopefully we won't have to make do for too long!