Thursday, 6 July 2017

Stuff For Free!

This week is a week of lots of free stuff which can only be a good thing.

When I got to work yesterday of my colleagues gave me a dozen free eggs from her chickens, I always buy local free range eggs, never from the supermarket, but to get them from friends or brought from the end of someone's drive is always a special treat :)  On Monday I got offered a sack of free potatoes from another colleague who has a load spare from her sons school that grow produce. I will give her back a load of runner beans when mine are ready.

Today another colleague gave me bunch of rhubarb from her garden as she doesn't really like it and is going on holiday and hasn't the time to stew and freeze it.

My Mum phoned to say a friend had a iron spare as she is upgrading hers and did I still want one. I said a while back if she knew of anyone getting rid of one mine was very old and seen better days so I would happily receive one no longer required.

This year we also got given a nearly new television! Ours was second hand when we got it and was quite old so we received it gratefully.

I'm hope I'm not making us sound like scroungers. I think people offer us stuff for 2 reasons. Firstly, we're always very grateful to receive anything that is offered to us which I think people like. I know I love doing good deeds or giving gifts to people I know appreciate them. And secondly, if I need something like a new iron I spread the word amongst family and friends. Often people are glad to be rid of stuff they no longer use and it's great to keep things from landfill when they are perfectly serviceable.

In return, we give our allotment produce to friends and family, regularly sort out donations for charity shops and although we don't have a lot of material things to give, we give what we can, especially our time freely. I hope our friends and family know they can always rely on us for anything if they need it too :)


  1. Wow you did very well, I never say no to a freebie, yesterday we picked up decking offcuts from freecycle to make some planters.

    1. Wow! What a good idea, Raised beds are so expensive to buy :)