Sunday, 30 July 2017

Saving Bees

I LOVE bees. I think the job they do is amazing and I think it's very worrying how endangered they are becoming and what the future may hold for us without them.

Whilst at my Dads birthday BBQ yesterday, which was a total washout (!), my sister noticed a bee laying very still on the ground. Knowing that bees can get very tired when they're hungry and low on sugar she nudged it onto a plate and added some sugar water to it. Straight away the bee started drinking the water and sipped it for a good 5 minutes on and off. It then sat resting for a further 5 minutes before flying away :) Lots of people at the party didn't know about offering bees sweet water if they look tired to help them out and they said they would definately keep an eye out for bees needing help in the future.

My Dad enjoyed seeing friends and family together for his BBQ and, ever a glass half-full man, he had the BBQ out under a gazebo anyway, with the buffet in the conservatory. The rain was torrential and non-stop all afternoon. 

We're seeing friends today and may go and see the new film Dunkirk if we're back in time. Raining again which won't help my chances of drying the washing! 


  1. I never knew that about bees. I'm happy you had a nice celebration albeit the rain. Can you send some glorious rain to me here in California? Haha...enjoy your day. Pat xx

  2. We've had thunder and heavy rain this afternoon. Take what you need!! ;)