Friday, 7 July 2017

Restocking The Pantry

Ok, we're not really restocking the pantry because we don't have one, but I love that word. My Grandma and Grandpa had one and I still remember the smell and sneaking in there to sneak a rich tea biscuit every now and again xx

With a hopefully potential move coming up next year we are really trying to get some more money in savings and food is a variable cost we are always happy to try and reduce. We try and eat a wholesome, natural diet and I cook a lot from scratch. However, we have to be realistic, we both work full time and can work long hours (DH sometimes does 60 hours +) so sometimes we need a little help with food prep, although we try to keep convenience food to a minimum. 

Since DH suffered from gall stones a couple of years ago he suffers with IBS, this has gotten worse over the last year and we have been slowly trying to find out what his trigger foods are and eliminate them as when he eats them they cause him great pain and discomfort. So far we have worked out the problem foods are wheat (not sure if it's gluten or just wheat), oats and dried fruit. There is another one and we're not sure whether its dairy or rice. Personally I am ?hoping? it's dairy as rice flour is in so many gluten free foods and he loves bread. Gluten free food is expensive, and some of them can have an awful lot of additives and chemicals to make up for the gluten they are lacking so we don't generally buy a lot of GF foods. But recently I decided to do an Approved Food order as our Cupboards are really whittled down to not very much and I didn't want to spend a load on staples, plus I hate going to the supermarket. DH is travelling quite a lot at the moment so we need food that is easy to transport (he doesn't like to travel with lots of Tupperwares and bits) that he can take on the train or for snacks until he arrives at his destination. 

I haven't done an Approved Food order for a while. Approved Food is a company that sells packaged food that is past it's best before date, but still perfectly edible, at a reduced cost. It's a great idea to help reduce food wastage. They do sell a LOT of biscuits, chocolate and such like, but if you look thoroughly, or go through their entire stock like me (!) there is, what I think is, some really good produce out there, and more importantly, there is gluten free stuff. If we weren't stocking GF stuff I imagine we could get 'normal' options of similar foods and reduced our bill further. It may not look like loads of food but we will make it last and the quality of the items I chose seem to be really good. 

I managed to get A LOT of food for a total of £24.11 + p&p. Our bargains included:
- 450g Four Grain and seed muesli ( looks high-end product made with British Oats)- 89p
- 8 sachets of yeast- 39p
-  Snack bags of Organic Roasted seeds- 33p each (perfect for dh to travel with)
- Food Doctor Lentil and CousCous pot- 33p (not even out of date!)
-GF brown bread flour 1kg - 89p
- Organic Cornflakes- 99p
- Organic Coconut Oil 450ml- £1.99 (only just ood)
- Organic Buckwheat Flout (not wheat!) - 99p
- 4 bottles Ketchup- 25p each
- Smokey Chipotle Sauce- 39p
- Jar of Sesame, carob and honey preserve- 50p
Cinnamon- 29p

We expect this food to last several weeks, except for the sesame, carob and honey preserve, which may only last several hours, as I'm thinking of doing something funky with it and frozen bananas....I'm thinking of frozen banana soft scoop with the preserve mixed in...... and almond butter!! *scampers off to the kitchen* ;) Toodles xxx

Here is our frugal food order. We continue to use local suppliers for meat, fruit and veg, if not harvesting our own :)


  1. I use approved foods a couple times a year, like you I trawl right through it as amongst all the rubbish there are some incredible bargains even with the postage.

  2. Hi, just a thought, when I was diagnosed gluten intolerant, I was told to expect possible problems with dairy due to the gluten damage done over the years of eaten gluten inclusive foods. I cut down on dairy and changed to lactose free milk and its improved a great deal. Good luck with the diet, I bake with conventional recipes p especially just replace flour with doves farm flours.
    Regards plain jane

  3. I feel for your husband. This year has been terrible for me. Rye bread and chocolate trigger my colitis. Oatcakes have been my salvation.

    It's boiled eggs, oatcakes, small amounts of cheese and fresh fruits. It gets boring.

    1. I love oatcakes too! They're very moreish though so I don't buy them all the time :(

  4. I haven't had anything from AF for several years, although I still look at the emails sometimes to see what they have. Their £1 boxes of mystery things can be fun!

    1. I've never done a mystery box! Are they any good?