Sunday, 9 July 2017

Re-enactment Catch-Up Day

Yesterday, we were in Upottery, Devon catching up with friends at a re-enactment training weekend. The weekend was mainly for the chaps, but a couple of us ladies went along and it was nice to see friends. Some people camped overnight but we decided to drive back at the end of the day. The site has a Nissen Hut which has been turned into a museum. It is very interesting. I took my rag rug to do and my crochet and was quite happy under the awning. We all took food to share and I wore my 1940's civilian clothes. In the evening we had a BBQ and put some 40's music on and all sat round chatting until it was time to leave.

There was the remains of an old building on the site which we used to stage some photos.
One of the photos of me using the building as a 'bombed out' home.


  1. What an exciting day! It looks like an interesting and educational activity. Pat xx

  2. Brilliant photos of an interesting day