Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pyjama Evening

Yesterday afternoon, after work, we drove to Salisbury to meet up with friends. We had dinner together. They brought their dog so we sat outside then went for a stroll after dinner. It was lovely, especially for Dh who has been friends with M since he was a teenager. His friend has become like an older brother or surrogate Dad and really looked out for him when he was growing up (dh hasn't seen his real Dad since he was about 11). Since they moved away from each other they don't see each other as much but still speak on the phone several times a week and meet up as often as they can. It's nice to see them together catching up and enjoying each others company so much.

We didn't get in until about 10:45pm. I have worked 8-6pm today and am feeling a bit under the weather. Dh had an omlette with spinach and quorn waiting for me when I got in which was lovely. He'd also set my pyjamas out. We've had torrential rain here all day today so I feel I can snuggle in my PJ's this evening guilt free followed by a shower and an early night. Xx


  1. So nice to hear you enjoyed your evening. My daughter traveled today from Birmingham to London by train and said it was really raining. I'll send you some sun if you can send me rain? Take care, Pat xx

    1. We needed a bit of rain for the allotment but it's still going now so you can have the rest!! ;)

  2. It is nice to have a really close friend like that. Enjoy your snuggly evening.