Thursday, 13 July 2017

Preparing For A Guest

Dh has a work colleague visiting tomorrow evening and is staying with us until Sunday as they are doing a course together. I always find guests, whilst enjoyable, a bit stressful too mainly due to the small size of our home, and that it's very basic without many mod cons including central heating.

So, as I am working until 8pm tonight I wanted to get as much as I could done this morning. I put my usual jaunt to the allotment off until Saturday and prioritised my chores. I did all the ironing, my weekend washing which went out to dry, sorted the paperwork drawer (a job that's been nagging me for ages- although I don't know why I prioritised that, guests don't usually root through my drawers to check the organisation of my paperwork!) hoovering, cleaned the kitchen and tidied my craft bits away.

The shower curtain still isnt fixed so that's not good! But can't be helped :/

Dh needed a hair cut so while he was getting that done I whizzed off to do errands. I collected a parcel from the sorting office, cleared out the rubbish that had accumulated in the car (seemed to be old receipts and orange peel mostly! Although I also found a sock and a fork), I scampered round the charity shops and got a sports top and trousers for pilates and brought some cat litter.

For dinner tonight it's homemade frittata and salad which will be nice and easy for when I finish work. When I get in it will be pj's and reading I think :)

Burt seems to be feeling better today :)

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  1. Don't worry or overdo I am sure they can take you as they find you, as the saying goes.