Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Jobs That Feel Good To Get Done

I'm having a busy week. I was at a lecture for work last night and I have another one tonight. Because it is so hot today I have moved my Cinnamon Trust dog walking to tomorrow night and Friday night after work. I have also just started a 3 week correspondence course for work as well which is being done in my 'spare' time.

This means I am out of the house a lot this week and out of my usual 'routine'. I like my routine and I'm not keen on being out the house so much. I feel like I'm getting behind on jobs and not giving things like the allotment my full attention. So, as I had an hour or so from getting in from work before I have to go out again I thought I'd do one of those jobs that I don't particularly enjoy, that to anyone else it probably doesn't look like I've done a lot, but it is one of those jobs that make you 'feel' much better.

I have a lot of jobs like that. Deep cleaning jobs like cleaning out under the bed, pulling furniture out and cleaning behind it, cleaning the kitchen cupboards, fridge or freezer, cleaning the oven, filing paperwork. All these jobs are ones that anyone walking round the house wouldn't notice really whether they were done or whether they wern't, but I know whether they are or not. When I get chance to do a deep clean job it makes me feel so much better to know that it's done. When I know drawers and cupboards are tidy and our home is not just tidy on the surface, but that anyone can open a high cupboard and not be concerned that some falling masonry, shoe or book may result in a concussion, then that makes me feel good. Some people may find that silly, but I know what I mean and I think some of you will too.

Today it was deep cleaning the bathroom. I really scrubbed the bath and tiling, cleaned the tiles behind the toilet, under the sink and behind the cupboard. I scrubbed the floor by hand and wiped over the walls. It probably doesn't look massively different but I feel good knowing it's done. Dh is going to hoover for me and take the bins out while I'm out which is a help.

Now I am off to see one of my Cinnamon ladies who has asked to see me even though I am not dog walking so I'll have to go. I'm taking a snack to eat in the car park when I arrive at the lecture. Looking forward to shower, cup of tea and bed when I get in!!


  1. I like routine as well, my routine as gone all to pot lately as I am just finishing putting my second book together.

  2. Your cleaning routine sounds exactly like mine. It's funny but it makes me feel great to know my home is clean. Hopefully you can get a little time for yourself this week with your busy schedule. Pat xx

    1. I am pretty tired now Pat but have a late start tomorrow which is good :)