Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Day On My Own

I've been on my own today. Dh and his colleague got up early and I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs, wilted spinach and coffee for them, as requested. I then cycled to the allotment to do some gardening. I harvested beetroot, a lot of peas, rhubarb and a courgette masquerading as a marrow ;) I did a fair amount of weeding then made my way home, albeit slowly and a bit wobbly with a bag full of heavy produce! 

When I was back I washed, chopped and stewed the rhubarb, podded the peas and froze them. I then drove to town to do some chores. I had 3 different towns to go to and I was in the mood for walking so I took myself off in each town doing a large circular walk in each one, until the rain came. I took shelter in my favourite cafe and rested, read and savoured a delicious coffee.

Once home I had some lunch then made some gluten free bread using the flour I got from Approved Food and I also made a rhubarb crumble for the chaps for later. The crumble came out really well, but as far as the bread goes..... all I have to say on that subject is thank goodness I have a husband who will eat literally ANYTHING! ;)

I had a shower (or our interpretation of a shower as the shower curtain is still off the wall) and have also been reading. I'm really tired today so I would appreciate an  early night but it depends what time the chaps get in. On the plus side it's raining again which means I have a good excuse to get in my pj's and snuggle on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea :)

My wildflowers are keeping the bees happy :)
More wildflowers, not sure what these are.
Once ready, I am trading a bag full of runner beans for a sack of potatoes with someone at work :)

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