Monday, 26 June 2017

Wash Bag From Trousers

If you read my post the othet day you may have seen that I made dh a pair of shorts from an old pair of trousers that he didnt wear much anymore. With the lower part of the trouser I made him a large wash bag.
I am not the best at crafty bits but I do my best! I wanted it to have a waterproof lining and I found an old laundry bag I never used and I cut that up. It had a floral design, not very masculine! But it does the job and you cant see it anyway. The drawstring that was already at the end of the trousers forms a natural tie. Dh was very pleased with it anyway and it only took about an hour to do :)
The finished product!

Showing the lining-so pretty! ;)

The drawstring was already attached to the 'trouser bottom' 


  1. So pleased to see you posting every day, I do enjoy reading your posts.
    Well done on the wash bag.
    Pam in TX.

    1. Thanks Pam. I am enjoying it. Helps keep me focused :) x

  2. That's such a good idea, especially with the existing drawstring. Love the flowery lining. X