Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday In Pictures

I harvested a lot of allotment produce
Including over 1kg of blackcurrants

I made dh a healthy snack of houmous and veggies.

Blackcurrants washed and ready to
Go in the freezer.

We visited Bookbarn which is basically a warehouse full of £1 books. I love womens novels from the 30's, 40's and 50's and got a few, one of which I have been reading this afternoon and it's really good:)
Bookbarn has a cafe, we were there for so long we had a cup of tea and some lunch. I had poached egg :)

I did my Cinnamon Trust dog walking. It's much cooler now and all my dogs enjoyed their walks

Right, I better go. I have just had a call from an elderly friend that her cat has come in with a wound and she needs help cleaning it and seeing if it needs the vet. Its 8pm and I still have to sew up a pocket on Dh's rucksack and make his washbag! Note to self-dont leave everything til the last minute!! He needs it done for tomorrow! 


  1. I didn't know Book Barn still existed! we used to detour to the one in Bristol or the one near shepton mallet(?) whenever we were on holiday in the west country.
    What books did you find? I love fiction from WWII

    1. It's near Bristol. It's amazing. They've done it up. It's heated now! And has a lovely cafe :) I got 2 1950's womens fiction book and a story of true survival stories which looked very interesting. Dh got some Bernard Cornwell books.

  2. What an abundant harvest
    Books for £1, what a bargain.

  3. Our blackcurrants are doing really well but I can't wait til blackberry season too!!

  4. How I wished had some of those yummy currants! I've recently discovered Persephone books and I love their concept of reprinting forgotten authors. Enjoy your reading! Pat xx

    1. I've not heard of them what a good idea! I love old books, even more so when I can get them for £1! :)