Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Shorts From Trousers

Another hot one today! I got up really early and opened all the windows (we can't have them open overnight because of mosquitos). It was lovely, crisp and fresh. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat and read for a bit, then I had a shower and made yoghurt and fruit including home grown blackcurrants for dh and I.

I worked 8-6. We were very busy which was fine as it made the day go nice and quickly. I like to be productive. When I got in from work we had salad and crackers for dinner, nice and simple, then went for a walk up the lane. Its nice to have a walk with dh after a full day. It gives us chance to catch up and we always have a good chat when we walk. It was starting to cool off so it was refreshing to get out and about.

When we got in we did our hour of quiet time. Well... I did my hour of quiet time and turned an old pair of dh's trousers into shorts for him. I have plans to turn the leftover trouser bits into a travel wash bag for him. But poor dh hasn't been sleeping well with the heat. He layed on the floor in the lounge to do some writing and after about 20 minutes has fallen fast asleep pen still in hand! Poor chap, I'm trying not to laugh as next to him is a cup of tea that has gone cold that has the words 'Living The Dream' printed on it! I will have to wake him soon as he cannot be comfortable!

It is nice sitting though. The back door is open next to me, B is sitting out enjoying thr freshness and bird watching and everything feels very still. It's very calming.

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