Saturday, 24 June 2017

Saturday In Pictures

I got up not as early as I would have liked to hear the unfamiliar sound of cars driving through rain going past. I was quite pleased though as my allotment was parched. I was working 8-12 and then the weekend was our own, here is what we got up to.

Homemade Muesli for DH with Organic Yoghurt. Gluten and Grain Free with
Home Grown Blackcurrants
I asked for a plain coverless cushion for my birthday so I can crochet my own cover to go on it.
It will be done in the style of the WW2 ARP colours and design  and I will have it to go on my
chair on my ARP re-enactment awning.
DH loves wargaming. Here is one of the models he
was painting this afternoon. The model is about 2.5 inches high
and the detail is amazing. They take hours to complete.
Burt was annoyed I bothered him to take this photo......
Sorry B ......kinda ;)

I'm now just off to make a cu of tea for us before Quiet Hour starts, then an early night I think. Allotmenting and all sorts of fun tomorrow.



  1. Your homemade muesli looks really delicious, I have made granola but never muesli.
    Your husband is obviously very patient and must have a very steady hand.

  2. We always make our muesli from scratch. We make it as we need it, a handful of this and that, depending on what's in the cupboard really! :)

  3. Nice to see you back blogging. I have a facebook page, don't know why as I rarely look at it.

  4. Thanks Sue. I caught up with some of yours today with a cup of tea :)