Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Last Day Of The Heatwave

It's 30 degrees again today. Dh and I were feeling a bit stressed this morning. We have continual problems with our neighbours and 2 in particular cause us considerable grief with inconsiderate and sometimes rude behaviour. This morning there was a problem again, another reason why we hope to move next year. We'll know more next week but it's exciting to think we might have the opportunity for a fresh start.

Our car scraped through its MOT yesterday with some new tyres and a bit of love, so now we must buckle down and get some more money in savings. I know moving isn't cheap. We have some cosmetic work to do on the house as well before we do.

It's going to be cooler tomorrow and into the weekend so I am going to move my Cinnamon Trust dog walks to the weekend. It's far too hot to be taking them out today.

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