Thursday, 29 June 2017

Frittata From Home Grown Produce

We woke up late today. I picked dh up late yesterday evening from the bus station and when we got in he had a snack while we caught up before heading to bed. Dh was really tired and hadn't slept much the last couple of nights so we didn't set the alarm for today as I didn't start work until lunch time. I got up at 8am and made a coffee. Dh was still asleep.

Dh awoke at 8:30 and I made him tea and breakfast. I then went off to the allotment. The rain yesterday has helped no end and the soil was easy to rake over. I harvested more blackcurrants and peas then came home and made a frittata using our own peas, beetroot and spring onions as well as local eggs. The blackcurrants were washed and frozen. 

While the frittata was in the oven I carried on with my crocheted cushion cover. I went to work at lunch time and worked until 8pm. I am excited we are seeing some very dear friends at the weekend so I am going bed early to read the second of my Bookbarn books, I have finished one already :)

My friend brought me back these beautiful coasters from the Glastonbury Festival

The view from our kitchen window is over a field with cows and apple trees in. When the trees start getting apples on them the cows love pulling down the branches and eating them :)
Homemade Frittata

It fell apart a bit getting it out of the dish but it was really lovely :)


  1. I love frittata. How fab to make it with home grown produce. I wouldn't worry about it falling apart, it still tastes the same. X

    1. Hi Jules, it was delicious, I had it fo lunch then had more for dinner!!

  2. That frittata looks delicious with your freshly picked veggies!