Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Doing Chores After A Tiring Day

I worked 10 hours today. It was a pretty tiring day and I got home feeling drained and with a lot on my mind. All I really wanted to do was flop down in my pyjamas and do.....well not a lot really!

I am in the position where I have to work. Dh and I both have to work for us to get by. But I don't want my job to be my life. I don't want to get in every night after work and do not very much until I go to bed then get up the next day to go to work. And usually I do enjoy making the best of my evenings but today I just wanted to do ....well.....nothing.

But Dh was out and there was things that needed doing. Dh and I live in a shoe box so the second things start getting cluttered or jobs start piling up it is really obvious and I can't relax in a messy house. So I did let myself change into my pyjamas, but I didn't let myself flop. I made poached egg on toast and grilled cherry tomatoes for dinner (I would have taken a photo but it accidentally got eaten before I had chance) I did the washing up, tidied the kitchen, put a load of washing on and then tackled the big pile of ironing that had been taunting me for days. I then hoovered everywhere and had a shower which was thankfully uneventful, not like the other night when I reached for the shampoo only to be accosted by a GIANT spider running up the shower curtain. I can't remember ever leaping out the shower so quickly and sprinting down the hall. I think dh thought I was being attacked! And was then amused he was on glass and coaster duty while I hovered dripping water everywhere with a towel.

Once all the jobs were done I let myself plop down and am now sat doing not a lot, just like I wanted to, but guilt free as all jobs are now done :)

Here is a picture of Burt inspecting the stone cat I use as part of my WW2 ARP display. It wears a NARPAC tag. (National air raid precautions animal committee) He was not inpressed, as only cats can be ;) 


  1. I feel for you, we have all been there working long hours, It does make you feel better when the house is in order and the jobs are done, but you must make time for you, x

    1. Thanks. Yes I find I can always relax so much better when everything is in order so it's kind of 'me' time as I feel better once it's done :)