Thursday, 22 June 2017

Car Trouble

What a long day yesterday ended up being. I usually finish work at 2pm on Wednesdays but as I am covering a colleagues absence I worked til 6pm. On leaving work the car felt and sounded really bad so I quickly pulled in the garage by my work, got out and realised one of my new tyres was flat as a pancake!

I phoned the breakdown company. It took me ages to get through and was then told it would be 2-3 hours before they could get out to me!! It was baking hot and I was already pretty tired. I phoned dh, we share a car so he was unable to get to me but he phoned me back a short time later to say that our lovely, lovely neighbour D was going to give him a lift to me and help change the tyre (we've never done it before). Luckily I had a good book and I had the doors of the car open to try and stay cool.

The cavalry arrived before too long and D followed us home once the tyre was changed to make sure we got home ok with the spare on. Dh took the car to the mechanic today and it turned out one of the tyres hadn't been put on correctly.... the seal or something, I'm not too sure, so it was all ok in the end but it was certainly a long and tiring day!!

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