Monday, 19 June 2017

Allotmenting And Working Hard

As I write this Burt is perched behind me on the computer stool.It used to be a computer chair, one of those black office chairs but it was so old the back fell off!! So now it's a computer stool ;) My blog has a bit of a new look, I thought I'd jazz it up a bit :)

It has been so hot today. One of my colleagues fell off her bike and broke her arm so I am doing extra shifts and covering some of her hours. Today I was working 1pm-8pm. I had to pick DH up from the train station at 10:45pm last night.The train station is about 45 mins from home so we were quite late home, so I slept in until about 7:30am then got up, made a cup of coffee then cycled to the allotment. I spent most the time picking blackcurrants. I harvested 3 tupperwares of blackcurrants (approx 1kg), some beetroot, spring onions and a few peas. On my way home I dropped some beetroot and blackcurrants of to my lovely neighbour, I froze the rest of the currants. I blitz them with frozen banana to make a kind of fruity ice cream, add them frozen to muesli and porridge, or stew with rhubarb. For lunch we had omlette with stir fried beetroot, peas and spring onions. It was delicious. 

DH and I are possibly planning a major life change including moving. This is both exciting and scary. To help us keep focused, as well as calm and grounded, for the last couple of weeks we have tried to spend an hour in the evenings with no technology on (except lights), no phones, no computers, no tv or radio. We just sit and write, do crafts, read or DH does drawing. This has been immensely helpful to us and we will continue to do this for as long as we feel it is beneficial, when I get in at a reasonable time from work. 

I am waiting for DH to get in now so I am going to make a cup of tea and do some reading. I have just cooked some salad potatoes to make potato salad for tomorrow so will cool them off them get them in the fridge before bed.


Spring Onions


Current embroidery project which is of Owls and was a Christmas Present from my Uncle


  1. Those black currants look delicious; how lucky you can grow them! Your garden is really producing lots of wonderful things. I'm excited to hear more about your plans. Stay cool (it's roasting here in SoCal) and have a good week. Pat xxx

  2. Hi Pat. Its 30 degrees here today which is hot for the uk, although my sister who lives in Australia laughes at me when I say how warm we think it is! I hope to get about 5kg of blackcurrants from my bushes :) They always seem to do well :)