Thursday, 29 June 2017

Frittata From Home Grown Produce

We woke up late today. I picked dh up late yesterday evening from the bus station and when we got in he had a snack while we caught up before heading to bed. Dh was really tired and hadn't slept much the last couple of nights so we didn't set the alarm for today as I didn't start work until lunch time. I got up at 8am and made a coffee. Dh was still asleep.

Dh awoke at 8:30 and I made him tea and breakfast. I then went off to the allotment. The rain yesterday has helped no end and the soil was easy to rake over. I harvested more blackcurrants and peas then came home and made a frittata using our own peas, beetroot and spring onions as well as local eggs. The blackcurrants were washed and frozen. 

While the frittata was in the oven I carried on with my crocheted cushion cover. I went to work at lunch time and worked until 8pm. I am excited we are seeing some very dear friends at the weekend so I am going bed early to read the second of my Bookbarn books, I have finished one already :)

My friend brought me back these beautiful coasters from the Glastonbury Festival

The view from our kitchen window is over a field with cows and apple trees in. When the trees start getting apples on them the cows love pulling down the branches and eating them :)
Homemade Frittata

It fell apart a bit getting it out of the dish but it was really lovely :)

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Walkies Anyone??

Hello! Today I want to share with you a charity that I think is just Fab. The reason I want to tell you about them is that loads of people I speak to have never heard of them. I think that's because they put their money into helping animals and not advertising- just as it should be! 

The Charity is Called The Cinnamon Trust, and to put it in a nutshell, they help elderly and terminally ill people care for their pets, mainly by assisting with dog walking. Volunteers can also provide short term fostering for people while they are in hospital, as well as forever homes (long term fostering) for people who have died and left their pet to the trust. But the trust helps in other ways as well, sometimes I see them advertising for help with cats, transporting pets to their new or temporary homes, as well as assisting in other ways. 

I started walking for an elderly lady just once a week for two dogs for about 30-40 minutes. You can choose how many walks you want to do and how many people you want to walk for, from once a week to several times a week. I now walk for two elderly ladies once a week. The ladies are lovely and very grateful for the time I can give. I'm always offered a cup of tea after if I have the time and I love a bit of a chat if I'm not in a rush to head off.

The trust will pay for petrol expenses for both dog walking and if you are helping to transport pets. If you are fostering pets either long or short term they will pay (authorised) vets bills for the rest of the pets life. This means that people who are worried about the medical cost of owning a pet or taking on an older pet can do so, safe in the knowledge that the trust is there to meet these expenses. They will also pay for 4 weeks annual pet sitting for fosterers pets for when they go away on holiday.

I like to think of it as we provide the love and time, and they take care of the rest. I always find them extremely helpful to deal with.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer dog walker just go on their website and fill out a form. You need a photograph and a couple of referees which I think is such a good thing, as one of my ladies is particularly vulnerable and I think it is good the trust is checking out volunteers correctly. Once you have your ID you will be assigned a local dog and you will liase with it's owner and arrange a regular day and time for walking. If you are interested in offering a short or long term (forever) home then just ring them and they will be happy to have a chat and see what sort of home you can offer. I was assigned Burt based on the home we could offer and that was fine, I could never have chosen one pet over another anyway!

If you or know anyone that you think could help the Trust then get in touch. I have put links to their Facebook page and Website. They do have a map of where they are looking for walkers but I'm not sure it is always up to date so I would say fill out a form anyway and I'm sure they will contact you as soon as there is a walker required in your area.

If you have heard of the Trust or walk for them please comment below. I'd love to hear from anyone else that knows of them! I'm always massively pro-rescue and know there is loads of other Brilliant rescue centres and I salute them all. The Cinnamon Trust gets a special mention today because I volunteer for them and want to raise awareness of this little known charity. 

Go and like their Facebook page to get updates on dogs needing an extra walk (unless you're like me and not on Facebook!) 

Burt and I, today, would like to salute anyone with a rescue pet :)

Burt, our Cinnamon Cat 'helping' DH with his work ;)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Doing Chores After A Tiring Day

I worked 10 hours today. It was a pretty tiring day and I got home feeling drained and with a lot on my mind. All I really wanted to do was flop down in my pyjamas and do.....well not a lot really!

I am in the position where I have to work. Dh and I both have to work for us to get by. But I don't want my job to be my life. I don't want to get in every night after work and do not very much until I go to bed then get up the next day to go to work. And usually I do enjoy making the best of my evenings but today I just wanted to do ....well.....nothing.

But Dh was out and there was things that needed doing. Dh and I live in a shoe box so the second things start getting cluttered or jobs start piling up it is really obvious and I can't relax in a messy house. So I did let myself change into my pyjamas, but I didn't let myself flop. I made poached egg on toast and grilled cherry tomatoes for dinner (I would have taken a photo but it accidentally got eaten before I had chance) I did the washing up, tidied the kitchen, put a load of washing on and then tackled the big pile of ironing that had been taunting me for days. I then hoovered everywhere and had a shower which was thankfully uneventful, not like the other night when I reached for the shampoo only to be accosted by a GIANT spider running up the shower curtain. I can't remember ever leaping out the shower so quickly and sprinting down the hall. I think dh thought I was being attacked! And was then amused he was on glass and coaster duty while I hovered dripping water everywhere with a towel.

Once all the jobs were done I let myself plop down and am now sat doing not a lot, just like I wanted to, but guilt free as all jobs are now done :)

Here is a picture of Burt inspecting the stone cat I use as part of my WW2 ARP display. It wears a NARPAC tag. (National air raid precautions animal committee) He was not inpressed, as only cats can be ;) 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Wash Bag From Trousers

If you read my post the othet day you may have seen that I made dh a pair of shorts from an old pair of trousers that he didnt wear much anymore. With the lower part of the trouser I made him a large wash bag.
I am not the best at crafty bits but I do my best! I wanted it to have a waterproof lining and I found an old laundry bag I never used and I cut that up. It had a floral design, not very masculine! But it does the job and you cant see it anyway. The drawstring that was already at the end of the trousers forms a natural tie. Dh was very pleased with it anyway and it only took about an hour to do :)
The finished product!

Showing the lining-so pretty! ;)

The drawstring was already attached to the 'trouser bottom' 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday In Pictures

I harvested a lot of allotment produce
Including over 1kg of blackcurrants

I made dh a healthy snack of houmous and veggies.

Blackcurrants washed and ready to
Go in the freezer.

We visited Bookbarn which is basically a warehouse full of £1 books. I love womens novels from the 30's, 40's and 50's and got a few, one of which I have been reading this afternoon and it's really good:)
Bookbarn has a cafe, we were there for so long we had a cup of tea and some lunch. I had poached egg :)

I did my Cinnamon Trust dog walking. It's much cooler now and all my dogs enjoyed their walks

Right, I better go. I have just had a call from an elderly friend that her cat has come in with a wound and she needs help cleaning it and seeing if it needs the vet. Its 8pm and I still have to sew up a pocket on Dh's rucksack and make his washbag! Note to self-dont leave everything til the last minute!! He needs it done for tomorrow! 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Saturday In Pictures

I got up not as early as I would have liked to hear the unfamiliar sound of cars driving through rain going past. I was quite pleased though as my allotment was parched. I was working 8-12 and then the weekend was our own, here is what we got up to.

Homemade Muesli for DH with Organic Yoghurt. Gluten and Grain Free with
Home Grown Blackcurrants
I asked for a plain coverless cushion for my birthday so I can crochet my own cover to go on it.
It will be done in the style of the WW2 ARP colours and design  and I will have it to go on my
chair on my ARP re-enactment awning.
DH loves wargaming. Here is one of the models he
was painting this afternoon. The model is about 2.5 inches high
and the detail is amazing. They take hours to complete.
Burt was annoyed I bothered him to take this photo......
Sorry B ......kinda ;)

I'm now just off to make a cu of tea for us before Quiet Hour starts, then an early night I think. Allotmenting and all sorts of fun tomorrow.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Why I Quit Facebook

You might have noticed I've been posting more recently. The reason for this is because I have been spending a bit of time reflecting on what I want out of life and how I want to be spending my time. Life feels like it goes by so fast and I don't want to spend any of it 'zoned out', which is certainly easy to do after a 10-12 hour work day. I do feel sometimes it is easy to get caught up in just plodding along, and I don't want that. I love life, I feel it is a gift and I don't want to waste any of it.

In light of that I have been and will continue to make changes, some small, some hopefully will be bigger, changes to make sure my life is how I want it: full of joyful experiences, helping others and really having a life full of texture and warmth. Does that make sense? I'm not saying I didn't before, I'm saying I feel more conscious now that I want to be more mindful of what I'm doing and how I am spending my time.

I've become very aware of what I watch on television. I am guilty of just 'having it on' in the background, anything really. Now, I try and make sure I watch historical programs or something I really want to watch and then turn it off the rest of the time. I try not to watch anything I've seen before unlesss I really enjoyed ot the first time. I now listen to a lot of audio books instead. I find them much less distracting but still enjoyable for when I want a bit of company. I enjoy Bill Bryson and Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend.

Coming back to my blog title, recently I also quit Facebook. I didn't have loads of friends, I only have people on their I actually know. I only got it to keep up to date with my sister who lives in Oz, however as she is now on Wattsapp I can keep in touch that way. I find it is so easy to just check FB and before I know it I'm scrolling looking at things, at videos I would never have looked at if they haven't been 'there'. Some people put up political views or rants on FB which I dont think is really necessary. I always think Facebook should be for fun and keeping in touch but it seems that it is used as platforms for all sorts of other things now. That is why I deactivated my account, maybe not forever, but it is certainly the right decision for me now. My 'real' friends can keep in touch by letter, text or phone and other people probably won't even notice I'm gone.

In light of that, I have been reading more blogs and would like to update my blogroll on my side bar. If you read or write a great blog you think I might enjoy, please post it below so I can have a look. Thanks for reading this, aby comments or thoughts much appreciated.  Xx

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Car Trouble

What a long day yesterday ended up being. I usually finish work at 2pm on Wednesdays but as I am covering a colleagues absence I worked til 6pm. On leaving work the car felt and sounded really bad so I quickly pulled in the garage by my work, got out and realised one of my new tyres was flat as a pancake!

I phoned the breakdown company. It took me ages to get through and was then told it would be 2-3 hours before they could get out to me!! It was baking hot and I was already pretty tired. I phoned dh, we share a car so he was unable to get to me but he phoned me back a short time later to say that our lovely, lovely neighbour D was going to give him a lift to me and help change the tyre (we've never done it before). Luckily I had a good book and I had the doors of the car open to try and stay cool.

The cavalry arrived before too long and D followed us home once the tyre was changed to make sure we got home ok with the spare on. Dh took the car to the mechanic today and it turned out one of the tyres hadn't been put on correctly.... the seal or something, I'm not too sure, so it was all ok in the end but it was certainly a long and tiring day!!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Last Day Of The Heatwave

It's 30 degrees again today. Dh and I were feeling a bit stressed this morning. We have continual problems with our neighbours and 2 in particular cause us considerable grief with inconsiderate and sometimes rude behaviour. This morning there was a problem again, another reason why we hope to move next year. We'll know more next week but it's exciting to think we might have the opportunity for a fresh start.

Our car scraped through its MOT yesterday with some new tyres and a bit of love, so now we must buckle down and get some more money in savings. I know moving isn't cheap. We have some cosmetic work to do on the house as well before we do.

It's going to be cooler tomorrow and into the weekend so I am going to move my Cinnamon Trust dog walks to the weekend. It's far too hot to be taking them out today.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Shorts From Trousers

Another hot one today! I got up really early and opened all the windows (we can't have them open overnight because of mosquitos). It was lovely, crisp and fresh. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat and read for a bit, then I had a shower and made yoghurt and fruit including home grown blackcurrants for dh and I.

I worked 8-6. We were very busy which was fine as it made the day go nice and quickly. I like to be productive. When I got in from work we had salad and crackers for dinner, nice and simple, then went for a walk up the lane. Its nice to have a walk with dh after a full day. It gives us chance to catch up and we always have a good chat when we walk. It was starting to cool off so it was refreshing to get out and about.

When we got in we did our hour of quiet time. Well... I did my hour of quiet time and turned an old pair of dh's trousers into shorts for him. I have plans to turn the leftover trouser bits into a travel wash bag for him. But poor dh hasn't been sleeping well with the heat. He layed on the floor in the lounge to do some writing and after about 20 minutes has fallen fast asleep pen still in hand! Poor chap, I'm trying not to laugh as next to him is a cup of tea that has gone cold that has the words 'Living The Dream' printed on it! I will have to wake him soon as he cannot be comfortable!

It is nice sitting though. The back door is open next to me, B is sitting out enjoying thr freshness and bird watching and everything feels very still. It's very calming.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Allotmenting And Working Hard

As I write this Burt is perched behind me on the computer stool.It used to be a computer chair, one of those black office chairs but it was so old the back fell off!! So now it's a computer stool ;) My blog has a bit of a new look, I thought I'd jazz it up a bit :)

It has been so hot today. One of my colleagues fell off her bike and broke her arm so I am doing extra shifts and covering some of her hours. Today I was working 1pm-8pm. I had to pick DH up from the train station at 10:45pm last night.The train station is about 45 mins from home so we were quite late home, so I slept in until about 7:30am then got up, made a cup of coffee then cycled to the allotment. I spent most the time picking blackcurrants. I harvested 3 tupperwares of blackcurrants (approx 1kg), some beetroot, spring onions and a few peas. On my way home I dropped some beetroot and blackcurrants of to my lovely neighbour, I froze the rest of the currants. I blitz them with frozen banana to make a kind of fruity ice cream, add them frozen to muesli and porridge, or stew with rhubarb. For lunch we had omlette with stir fried beetroot, peas and spring onions. It was delicious. 

DH and I are possibly planning a major life change including moving. This is both exciting and scary. To help us keep focused, as well as calm and grounded, for the last couple of weeks we have tried to spend an hour in the evenings with no technology on (except lights), no phones, no computers, no tv or radio. We just sit and write, do crafts, read or DH does drawing. This has been immensely helpful to us and we will continue to do this for as long as we feel it is beneficial, when I get in at a reasonable time from work. 

I am waiting for DH to get in now so I am going to make a cup of tea and do some reading. I have just cooked some salad potatoes to make potato salad for tomorrow so will cool them off them get them in the fridge before bed.


Spring Onions


Current embroidery project which is of Owls and was a Christmas Present from my Uncle