Thursday, 18 May 2017

An Early Start

Burt woke me up at 4:20am today because he was hungry! I sometimes thinks it's best we don't have children as my immediate response was to get up and feed him, it's easier to give him his own way, anything for an easy life! ;) But then I couldn't get back to sleep. At 5am I got up.

Today is the first good day we've had all week. It's been near constant rain all week, although my allotment was probably grateful! I will try and get down their later this morning.

I had a bit of a tidy up. I've had a stew in the slow cooker all night and it smells delicious :) Dh is having a lot of medical tests at the moment and one of the things he is being tested for is Celiac disease, to do that he's been told he needs to eat some wheat or gluten every day for 2 weeks. He is not looking forward to this as we have been avoiding it for a while now. To make it hopefully more bearable as he doesn't want to eat wheat bread, this morning I have made him a batch of crackers that he can have every day. He's still asleep and doesn't know yet, I think he'll be pleased. Plus, if I'm getting rid of all my flour etc I may as well use it up! Also it's much more frugal and not processed which is an added bonus.
I started the day with a glass of Homemade Kefir which was delicious. Burt has now gone back to bed! Dh is still asleep and I am enjoying the peace and stillness of the early morning :)

I always knowit's going to be a nice day when mist lays over the Orchard in the morning :)
Homemade crackers. I also did a version with sunflower seeds.


Sunday, 14 May 2017

An Update

So much has happen since my last post. I hope you are all well. We visited my Sister in Australia in April. She lives out there with her family and this was the second time we have been out. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed our well earned break.

However, we have both had some health concerns which is especially worrying to me as, as a sufferer of anxiety, I am a bit of a hyperchondriac, and the internet only makes things worse, which I have been glued to for weeks now. I feel like I'm going from one worry to another at the moment, which then makes me worry life is passing me by as I'm just spending it worrying!!

On the plus side I am trying to stay busy (hence the blogging!), we have the first of our Re-enacting shows coming up and I have finished my first display which I will be using this year so I am excited about that. 

When we got back fron Oz we found our allotment had gone mad with weeds while we were away so we've been catching up with that. Dh has been a trooper helping me at the allotment, as it's my hobby really.

I have been doing a lot of cooking as well as dietary research, so we have been spending more than usual on quality ingredients which I don't mind too much as I never feel money is wasted on nice food and we never have takeaways or anything like that which I know can be very expensive. At the moment I am making kefir in the kitchen, which is a fermented milk drink. I hope to be able to help heal us through our diet. For me, it also helps me feel like I'm doing something productive to help us too which is good. 

I will leave you with some pictures of our holiday.

Thanks for reading. Xx

This was a green juice and raw berry cheesecake and caramel slice- healthy! .....kinda ;)

One afternoon my sister, my nieces and I made afternoon tea from scratch, we then all dressed up and had a lovely tea :)

X x X