Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Are You A Morning Or An Evening Person?

Hello :) I love the mornings. I am definately a morning person. In the evenings I am just not as productive. If I have worked 10 hours and dont get in til about 6:30pm, by the time I have made dinner I am already pretty tired. If I finish at 2pm I make the most of the afternoon but  am still winding down by the evening. The cold, wet and dark mornings of winter do make it harder to get out of my cosy, warm nest though! As I start work at 8am I need to get up early if I want to get things done. Some mornings are more productive than others. I try and listen to my body. If it really wants more sleep, I let it, I feel I must need it. Another thing I do to make sure I get up at a reasonable time is to have a large glass of water before bed. The call of nature in the morning helps me to get out of bed too!

This morning was a good morning. I got up about 5:30am, made a coffee then had a potter putting away a few bits left out from last night. I put Classic Fm on. I either listen to Classic Fm in the morning or just have it quiet. I made my lunch of tuna pitta with fruit and nuts. I juiced a load of carrots, shared the juice with Dh and I am keeping the pulp to make crackers this afternoon. I cleaned the kitchen, made Dh an omlette, and got ready for work. I did want to do the ironing but alas time got the better of me. I will do that tonight.

Now the weather is getting better and the mornings lighter I look forward to having more productive mornings :)


  1. Sorry just typed a comment but not sure if I did it right. Anyway, nice to have found you again and I've just caught up. I also like a frugal life but I'm way older than you, and probably not been frugal for as long as you, but I'm enjoying the journey. Anyway keep posting as I really enjoy your blog

    1. Hi Jane, welcome to my blog. Dh and I try not to waste money, but spend it on things we really want to buy like good food, and vintage items. We try not to buy a lot of things I think arnt really necessary like loads of clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac etc. It feels good to us to try and spend wisely :)