Monday, 13 March 2017


Hello. It was sunny today!!! Although it was overcast by the time I left work it was still dry. I took the opportunity and went straight to the allotment. It's been a few weeks since i got down due to the constant rain. I worked hard weeding and raking the beds. I planted spring onions and beetroot. To my surprise some rhubarb was ready for picking. One of my rhubarb plants goes mad from early spring to late autumn. I have no idea why: I don't water or feed it, I just leave it to do its own thing and it thrives year after year. I also harvested a couple of leeks. Not many left now.

When I got in I washed and chopped the rhubarb and have started marinating it in cinnamon, ginger and honey ready to bake it when dh comes in to have with custard.
To go with dinner I washed and chopped the leeks and saut├ęd it with fresh oregano from the windowsill and green beans :)

I'm quickly sitting and having a coffee then I need to catch up on my weekend jobs as we were away.

Looking forward to sitting down with a good book later :)

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