Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Are You A Morning Or An Evening Person?

Hello :) I love the mornings. I am definately a morning person. In the evenings I am just not as productive. If I have worked 10 hours and dont get in til about 6:30pm, by the time I have made dinner I am already pretty tired. If I finish at 2pm I make the most of the afternoon but  am still winding down by the evening. The cold, wet and dark mornings of winter do make it harder to get out of my cosy, warm nest though! As I start work at 8am I need to get up early if I want to get things done. Some mornings are more productive than others. I try and listen to my body. If it really wants more sleep, I let it, I feel I must need it. Another thing I do to make sure I get up at a reasonable time is to have a large glass of water before bed. The call of nature in the morning helps me to get out of bed too!

This morning was a good morning. I got up about 5:30am, made a coffee then had a potter putting away a few bits left out from last night. I put Classic Fm on. I either listen to Classic Fm in the morning or just have it quiet. I made my lunch of tuna pitta with fruit and nuts. I juiced a load of carrots, shared the juice with Dh and I am keeping the pulp to make crackers this afternoon. I cleaned the kitchen, made Dh an omlette, and got ready for work. I did want to do the ironing but alas time got the better of me. I will do that tonight.

Now the weather is getting better and the mornings lighter I look forward to having more productive mornings :)

Monday, 13 March 2017


Hello. It was sunny today!!! Although it was overcast by the time I left work it was still dry. I took the opportunity and went straight to the allotment. It's been a few weeks since i got down due to the constant rain. I worked hard weeding and raking the beds. I planted spring onions and beetroot. To my surprise some rhubarb was ready for picking. One of my rhubarb plants goes mad from early spring to late autumn. I have no idea why: I don't water or feed it, I just leave it to do its own thing and it thrives year after year. I also harvested a couple of leeks. Not many left now.

When I got in I washed and chopped the rhubarb and have started marinating it in cinnamon, ginger and honey ready to bake it when dh comes in to have with custard.
To go with dinner I washed and chopped the leeks and saut├ęd it with fresh oregano from the windowsill and green beans :)

I'm quickly sitting and having a coffee then I need to catch up on my weekend jobs as we were away.

Looking forward to sitting down with a good book later :)

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Our Weekend

We've had a hectic week. Our car died and we decided not to fix it as it had an undiagnosed problem and as it was so old it wasn't worth the money to start  'trying' parts to see if it could start up again so we sold it for scrap. However, as we were due to go to my parents at the weekend we needed a new one pronto. As we're off to oz to visit my sister soon our funds are seriously depleted. But Dh saved the day by finding a local second hand car for a reasonable price that will tie us over for a bit so we made it to my parents on Saturday. 

To save money, and because it's nicer if I have the time, I handmade my mums birthday and mothers day cards from scrap card, lentils, linseeds and sunflower seeds. The birthday one especially I was pretty pleased with! 

Last night we went to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra perform a night called Heroes and Legends which played alsorts of fantastic film music with the highlights for me being Harry Potter (outstanding live performance), magnificant 7, Raiders of the lost arc and a brilliant piece called summon the heroes, which was a piece written by John Williams for the 1996 Olympics. It was very moving music.

My Dad and Dh are currently in the garage finishing the table top to my desk for my re-enacting awning. My Dad is going to make it foldable so it is easy to fit in the car. They have also donated an old lamp to us we can put in the lounge as the other one burnt out and had to be retired.

We were hoping to waterproof our tent this weekend but alas it is raining (again) so we will have to leave it at the moment.

My Mum showed me some photos of my Grandpa during the war which I will share with you in another post.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

  1. The workforce working hard. I made the tea!

Monday, 6 March 2017

I'm Having A Mid-Life Crises

Hello, at the grand old age of 33 I am having a wobble. Over the last few weeks I have been very busy. An elderly friend of mine's cat was extremely ill and I ended up going over every day for about 7 weeks to medicate him, usually followed by a cup of tea and a chat, as well as lots of stuff going on at weekends, my Cinnamon Trust dog walking, work has been mad and a bit stressful (moral seems quite low), Dh has had a difficult time at work too and, to be honest, everything has got a bit ...well....I felt a bit wrung out. Life feels a bit stagnant. The weather doesn't help I think.

I suffer from anxiety and have done for about 15 years and at the moment it is the passage of time that troubles me. Is this normal? Life seems so fleeting and I don't really feel like I'm doing very much. You never know what's round the corner.
Dh and I had a heart to heart at the weekend as I was very upset and I feel I need to make some changes and although it's only the third day I am feeling much more positive already.

 At the weekend apart from working I read books I got from the library, we watched Wartime Farm together while dh did some of his wargaming hobby, I finished crocheting a snood for my sister and we cooked a lot from scratch. We discussed money and the sort of work/life/money balance we want. I made a terracotta pot heater and at the moment I am making carrot and sunflower crackers. Tonight I am watching Life Below Zero, another of my favourite programmes

Things are starting to feel a bit more of how I think life should be feeling, although it's only early days. I am going to blog more and be more open about my life. I look forward to you joining me.

Sunflower and carrot crackers