Sunday, 18 December 2016

Work Work Work!

I am exhausted! It's been a really busy week. People at work are on holiday or off  sick so I have worked 58 hours this week. I work with the public and am very busy all day so I do feel very tired when I do lots of extra hours. It's very draining. After work every day I have then been going over to an elderly friends to medicate her cat for her as he is unwell and she cannot do it herself. She is lovely and always asks me to stay for a chat and a cup of tea which is lovely, but sometimes means I do not get in til 8-9pm at night. I have to leave for work at 7-30am so there's not much time to do anything when I get in before I fall into bed! I also pulled a muscle in my back friday doing heavy lifting.
Yesterday I was working the morning, followed by clearing at the allotment followed by cat duty followed by going to the cinema with DH to see the new Star Wars film. I've never seen any of them but DH loves it.
This morning i got up late (7.30am) and have done very little except sit and do loads of reading in the quiet. Bliss! Dh even made me breakfast! In about half an hour we are going for a walk even thought it's very foggy. This afternoon will be visiting friends about an hour away followed by cat duty.
Another busy week this week but hopefully less work so will be a bit better.


  1. How kind of you to help with your friends cat. I hope you have a better week and get some rest. Wishing you a blessed holiday, Pat