Sunday, 11 December 2016

Stew and Muesli

Winter is a time of stew and Muesli, which are definately forming at least 80% of our diet at the moment (at least it feels like it!), sometimes I have porridge, but at the moment usually muesli. We dont buy it pre-made with added sugar etc, we make it ourselves from scratch and I change it each time depending on what I feel like. My last cup (I always make it in a cup, I don't know why) contained:
Oats (jumbo not porridge)
Frozen blackcurrants  (from our allotment- hopefully they keep away the colds!)
Raw almond butter (I don't add sugar so a bit of nut butter adds a bit of yum!)
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Plain Yoghurt
The nuts make it satiating and the blackcurrants add a zing of vitamins. At the moment I will happily have some for lunch whilst at work too :)
Stews on the slow cooker are also a must. Dh had crowned himself stew king and they are really really good. Lots of swede, carrot and comfort food. I don't like them too starchy so we usually avoid potatoes as well as other root veg but I love cabbage or any greens in them too. As well as stews we are eating a lot of stir fries. Today for lunch we had stir fried carrot, cabbage, our own leeks and broccoli which we had with scrambled egg. We did a triple batch of grated veg which i will keep in the fridge ready to use for our next couple of meals.
It's 4:30pm and already quite dark. The mist is rolling in and it looks like it's going to be a cold one. Today we have also taken recycling to the dump, bit of Christmas shopping incorporated into a 5 mile walk and helped a friend medicate her poorly cat.
This evening I am going to have a shower, relax followed by watching the old rerun of Gladiators on Challenge TV. They are rerunning the series from the start from the early 90's on Sundays nights. Takes me back to my childhood. We pretend to wear the big foam hands and everything! ...... well we enjoy it anyway! ;)

The view from our kitchen window a short time ago. You can just see the mist starting to roll in.  

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