Thursday, 17 November 2016

Selling Poppies And A Nice Sunday

We went poppy selling on both Monday and Wednesday last week in local supermarkets. We had never done it before. I put our names down on a form online expecting to get called for next year, but to my surprise, we got a call the next day from a local organiser who said he was very short of help and could we do this year as well. He was pleased when i asked if we could wear our re-enacting clothes as most our re-enacting group do when poppy selling.
We were a bit apprehensive to start with. It was Morrisons on the Monday which was very quiet but we still got some donations and made about  £65 over 2 hours. Tescos on Wednesday was much more busy. I had a very sweet elderly man come over and tell me about his father in the war. A lady asked to give a donation in return for a photo of her son with us as he was doing a WW2 project for school. We haven't had a receipt for the donations yet but I reckon we got about £150 in 3 hours. Next year we hope to do more volunteering for the British Legion. If anyone is thinking of doing the same there is a very easy form to fill out online. Just go to the volunteering for poppy appeal page of the Legions website.
On Sunday we got up early, had a tidy up then went to the allotment and did some site clearing for winter. I'm still waiting for the last of the butternut squashes to ripen up before we can completely clear the plot. At 10:45 we went down to the war memorial for the remembrance service. Then we went off for a cycle, a muddy, hilly cycle! But we managed 9 miles with a stop off for a cup of tea and a flapjack half way ;)
On Friday night we were invited to dinner with friends, and on Saturday we spent the day visiting more friends in Paignton (about 1 1/2 hrs drive). Yesterday was my half day and I finished work at 2pm so I went straight to walk my Cinnamon Trust  dogs before it rained then helped Mrs S give one of the dogs a back end hair trim as he'd had an upset tummy overnight.  Then I went on to visit another elderly lady I see and had a cup of tea and cuddles with her lovely cats, then I picked up some food shopping then finally home about 7pm!
This morning I am catching up on some cleaning before work. Have a good day everyone:) 


  1. I admire your service for such a cause and remembrance. Enjoy your day, Pat