Sunday, 6 November 2016

Enjoying Life The Simple Way

Hello. I'm still here. Life has been busy and is busier again this week but we are still striving to live a more simple way.

This week DH and I are selling Poppies in WW2 uniform. This is the first time we've done this and I'm excited. I'd rather be out on the streets but we're in the supermarket which is ok. I hope we raise a lot of money.

It's getting cold now and I'm starting to close down the allotment, clearing the plots, digging them over and removing the squash vines.

Work has been really busy, too much really, a lot of hours and a lot of pressure. This is something I plan to address. This weekend I have noticed my mind wondering towards work and trying to get ahead in my mind. I don't want this to happen and I am going to sort this out. I don't want work, although I do enjoy it to a degree, to take over my free time.

I am still dog walking for the Cinnamon  Trust. My elderly lady is very sweet and every few weeks DH and I take her out for a cream tea :)

The crafting side is on a go-slow at the moment as I am planning my WW2 display for next year for ARP (Air Raid Precaustions) and NARPAC,(National ARP Animals Committee) doing lots of historical reading and planning our Oz trip for next year.

I also have a home jobs list as long as my arm, but I find writing it down helps and I just work my way through it one job at a time.

I have made time for lots of reading, cycling and walking too to reach my 1000 mile challenge for the end of this year, I'm on target! I walked and cycled a total of 15 miles yesterday :) I made squash soup yesterday which I had with rye toast. I will let you know how we get on selling Poppies.

This is one of the books I got at Bookbarn for £1!
It has some fascinating photos
Found these in an antiques centre. They will be great for re-enacting.
I found this little gem at a market. £4.
I love the personal end of service statement given to this lady. I wonder what happened to her.
Squash and own carrots ready for baking :)


  1. Yay,glad to see you back ,I've been checking your blog regularly .Glad all is well with you.
    Best wishes Tara UK.
    Look foward to your next updates.

  2. Thanks Tara. We're selling Poppies this afternoon for the first time. Wish us luck!!

    1. Best of luck ,hope you raise lots of money.
      Tara UK.