Saturday, 13 August 2016

Post I wrote 10 Days Ago!

But I couldn't publish is as phone died and I lost all my photos and everything :( I have salvaged it and still want to publish it but without the photos I was hoping for.....

Dh is away today with friends so I have the day to myself as he wont be back until about 11pm. I woke up early and put the washing out, then had a bit of a tidy up.
As we spent all of last weekend decorating I wanted to treat myself to something nice so I went out to our favourite cafe (it opens at 7:45am!) and had a delicious coffee with doorstop toast and marmalade. The bread is locally using organic flour from our local watermill. It's so nice and really fills me up. I didn't need to eat again til i had an apple at about half past two. To get in some miles for my 1000 mile challenge I went on a 3 mile walk and dropped in a couple of beetroot from my allotment to a colleague who was working.

When i got back from the  cafe i had a good clean of the kitchen whilst bopping around to swing music. The weather that earlier was damp and drizzly suddenly cleared so I went out for a cycle and managed to rack up 8.5 miles. It was hard work though as so windy!! I've started cycling home from work on Tuesdays also which is about 9 miles too, plus it's  a really nice way to unwind as I go the back way through the country, although it can be tiring after a 10 hour day.

I really wanted to stay productive so I then did some Welsh study and some WW2 study in preparation for our next show. I recently brought a WW2 Animal Guard badge and in addition to the Womens Home Front I want to research and be able to tell people about the animals on the home front both working and domestic. I have brought  a book and am going to start reading it this weekend. I know it will be heart wrenching but I think it will be interesting as well, and it is important to remember their story too.
Hope everyone is well :)

One of NARPACs aims was that every pet would
Have a collar tag with their own unique number
On registered on a National Database. This really was
Microchipping except with tags and looking back seems
Really ahead of its time. The NARAPC collar tag on the
Left was VERY hard to find. It's original and i am so excited to have it.