Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Day On Flatholm Island

At the weekend  we had a special day out to Flat Holm Island.
I did some holiday cover for someone recently and worked about 55-60 hours two weeks in a row so I decided to treat us with some of my overtime money.
Flat Holm Island is in the Bristol Channel and we got to it by ferry. It is uninhabited except for wardens or campers and has a very interesting history and is a haven for wildlife. It is not very big but we had a lovely day.
On arrival we went to the meeting house and had a short talk about the island. We were then free to explore the island and have a guided tour if we wished. Unfortunately we lost track of the time and missed the talk but we did buy a very interesting detailed island pack which had stacks of info in particularly about the history of the island.
We walked around the island several times, there were lots of seagulls and rabbits as well. There were supposed to be sheep too but they must have been hiding from us tourists!!
The island was heavily fortified during WW2 and there is a lot of evidence of that still on the island today.
There is a mini pub also! We had a tea and coffee and bought our own packed lunch. We went for a sit on the beach and just sat, read and enjoyed the views and peacefulness. I am reading an Age Exchange book on memories of hop picking in the 30's, it is fascinating.

 I fell over on the ferry on the way back, went all my length too- how embarrassing!  We got home late evening, it was a great day, very interesting and relaxing.

Once back on the ferry we had to wait about 45 mind
For the tide to come in before we could leave. Standing at the back of the boat and watching the tide come in was incredibly relaxing :)

This was a hide with slow worm houses either side.

Warden accommodation 

Entrance to WW2 gun fort


Monday, 18 July 2016

A Welsh Holiday And Homemade Ice Cream

I had a lovely time off work- 10 days! We had a couple of days in Powys, Wales. I LOVE Wales! Any Welsh readers out there? I'm still learning Welsh although I dont know if I'll have the confidence to speak it in Wales, I'm too shy!

We stayed in a 1950's showmans Wagon. Inside was completely decked out a la 1950s with proper furniture, a cream tea with proper china all set up on our arrival and the comfyest bed. Ours was the only cabin around set in a 200 acre organic farm and we were free to walk around the woods, farmland as well as explore the river, hides and tree top hides. It was beautiful. The cabin had no tv, no phone signal, no wifi- perfect! We read a lot, I read my books on the 30's and 40's, and walked in the Elan Valley, played cards and slept and nothing else. We loved the solitude and will definately go back. The hosts were so friendly.

I have also been harvesting pounds and pounds of blackcurrants from my allotment and freezing them. My favourite thing at the moment is blackcurrant ice cream. All this is is frozen blsckcurrants blended with a small amount of frozen banana. I like mine very sharp so I only use a little banana for sweetness.

We have a very special trip coming up I am really excited about. Will take lots of photos. Stay tuned :) x

Our beautiful wagon in Powys
The view from our Wagon
Blackcurrant ice cream