Saturday, 6 February 2016

Making The Best Of The Weekend

Sometimes, when the weather is especially poor, I think it's easy to waste the weekend as I can feel  limited in what I can do and go.

Today, the weather has been horrendous. Howling wind and rain, and it's set to last all weekend. It's cold and damp and miserable! I was working this morning and it was very busy. Dh picked me up and treated me to beans on toast and a coffee out for lunch! It was lovely to sit and watch the world go by in the warmth of the cafe with the rain driving down outside. On the way home we stopped to get some carpet shampoo. When we got in dh helped me blitz the house. I got a load of handwashing done, dh dusted and hoovered. I did the kitchen and bathroom floors then once everything was done I shampoo'd the hall carpet as it's been annoying me for ages! The dehumidifier (which we use in winter to prevent damp in our old home) is on to dry it. It's not really ideal carpet cleaning weather but better now while I've got the time than not at all!!

I then sat down to do some language study. I've always wanted to learn another language but dh and I don't go abroad very often so I decided to learn Welsh, it's it's my nearest country that speaks another language and I'm really enjoying it! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone that speaks welsh. It's my own project. It's  a speaking, not a writing course. I'm doing the Say Something In Welsh course and I love it. I've been doing it for about 6 months now. Slow and steady progress to reach a lifelong ambition :) I try and practice 3-4 times a week even if it's only for 15 minutes or so.

I then sat down with a cup of tea and read some of my Land Girls book.

We were going to go for  a drive this evening to look at the flooding but the strong winds have kept us safely inside.

Wishing I could get up the allotment but I can't see any point in going up and getting soaking wet and trying to lug heavy soil around and probably putting my back out in the process!

Off to bed now. Nighty night.


  1. So sorry to hear about the bad weather in your area. We've had a bit of a heat wave here in southern California although we all would prefer to have more rain which is needed. Please stay warm and dry as the flu season has started. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. Pat xx

    1. It's been raining almost every day on and off since Christmas! Very grey and dull all the time. I miss the sun. You can have some of our rain and send some sun our way!