Saturday, 16 January 2016

We Needed A Cold Spell- And We've Got It!

Being British I LOVE talking about the weather- I think it's genetic ;) and for weeks now everyone has been saying we need a cold snap after all this wet weather we've been having, to kill off the bugs and make it feel like a proper winter and get everything drying out. Well today it has arrived here in the South with Dh reporting it's -4 outside (that's cold for us - please don't laugh anyone living anywhere that is 'really' cold! ). I've gone rogue and put the radiator on, something I rarely do in the mornings. It is usual for me to wear coats, gloves and a hat inside in winter.

Burt has eaten his breakfast and gone back to bed. As it's supposed to be wet again within the week I will go to the allotment today. Although I won't be able to do digging, I can weed and get some exercise. I was reading about the Land Girls working their socks off harvesting beets in ground that was frozen solid. If they can do that I'm sure I can manage  a bit of weeding! I'm going to make  a big soup at lunch time to have over the weekend. Dh has taken on extra work as we're saving whilst waiting for work to begin on the roof, and I am bringing household expenses down as much as I can.

In addition to the allotment, today I will be cleaning and tidying the house, going on  a walk  and later on, getting the fire on and doing some reading. Plenty of hot drinks and maybe warm scone with butter and a cup of tea :)

Have a lovely weekend, stay warm!


  1. Very cold and frosty here in Greenock too!

  2. Hi Gillie, Wish I could send you some of our very hot and humid weather -4 sounds wonderful. We are always talking about the weather as well:( I'm rather late but hope you and your DH have a wonderful 2016♥ Linda x

  3. my husband and i have an allotment too luckily ours just just round the corner from our house.we are looking forward to planning what we are going to grow this year .its cold but its lovely to see the sun
    have a lovely weekend best wishes tara uk

    1. Hi Tara, ours is just a short drive but about 30 mins walk so I often walk it as it's a nice stroll:)