Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Day Of Socialising

I'm not a big socialiser. I dont have  a massive circle of friends and I'm certainly not out all the time, and that's the way I like it. I'm happy in my own company. But today I met up with two lovely friends after work.

 Firstly, a friend from my old job who was incredibly supportive during my difficult time there. Followed by a friend I met through my old job, an elderly lady I visit for a cup of tea and a biscuit quite often. She is very interesting to talk to and has had a fascinating life.

When I got in I made tea for dh and was excited to see a magazine I bought had arrived. It's a women's magazine from 1935. I'm looking forward to reading it. Then it was evening walk and now I'm in bed as we're both really tired. Up at 6am tomorrow as even though I don't start work til lunch time I have soup to make, washing to do, a walk to fit in and maybe some time at the allotment, weather permitting.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Using Up What's Left

I stayed up far too late last night reading. I struggled to get up this morning! Dh was up at 6am this morning to go to work. 

Whenever he is up before me (which isn't that often) I tell him to put the kettle on. We have a whistling kettle so I know when the kettle starts to whistle I HAVE to get out of bed to stop it whistling! Then I'm up, and once I'm up, I'm fine :)

Finished work at 2pm then came home and had some lunch. I really wanted to finish the book I'm reading so sat down and read for a good hour. I sat at the table to read, I've started doing that recently when I read in the day. I find it easier to concentrate and less distracting.

I had some carrots I really wanted to use up, so I grated them and stir fried them with shallots and fresh basil. I cooked some rice and stirred it in. Dh had a salmon tart with his and i had mine on its own with  a sprinkling of cheese. I had some  apples on the turn so I stewed them with the last of the blackberries  (frozen).

Dh thinks he has fixed the washing machine so I will do a trial wash in the next day or so :)
This evening it will be a walk and shopping followed by an early night. Dh and I did play cards last night and after my terrible defeat last time I am pleased to say I won by a whisker!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

A More Relaxing Day

As hoped, we have had a more relaxing day today. Starting with porridge with some oats I found at the back of the cupboard that caused dh much excitement as he loves porridge and I thought we'd be run out of oats :)
It's pretty damp here today. Not raining just wet and pretty miserable so we walked to the allotment and back to have  a look at it. We couldn't do any digging as the ground is saturated but we made plans and walked a good 3 miles which was nice.
Dh is continuing sorting out his office. He's spent this afternoon selling bits on Ebay and after tidying up I kept him company reading Golden Pavements and started my new Evacuation book also.
We then went for another walk as I had to post a couple of bits. We're now in for the evening. I'm looking forward to challenging dh to another game of cards. He beat me last time!
All in all it's been a pretty relaxing day and I'm off now to make a cup of tea :)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Looking Forward To Our Day Of Rest

At the weekend Dh and I usually have one day where we get all our chores done and one day where we do something fun or just relax. Today is definately the busy day. We got up  early and went for our weekly treat/date of breakfast out. We do this every week. I had  scrambled eggs on toast with a cappuccino and dh had croque madame and a cappuccino. Then I needed to get some more allotment trousers. I quick trawl round the charity shops got me 2 pairs for £1.24 each special offer! Dh got a jumper and I picked up some  books.

Then I dropped dh off at home and I went back into town. I had already to drop some charity stuff off so I parked in a residential area and turned it into a 4 mile walk to contribute to the 1000 miles I am trying to walk this year.

Once home it was sit down and a cup of tea! I prepped late lunch/dinner of veggie stew with Organic Bacon topped with a little Mozerella and left it to cook slowly. Our washing machine appears to have  packed up. As we're still waiting for roof quotes I told Dh I am happy to wash by hand until we know where we are financially so I got a load washed that I had soaked overnight and put out to drip dry.

After lunch we relaxed a bit by playing a game of cards then I helped (a bit) dh sort out his office.

I made a new curtain tie as the lace had ripped on the old one. It is made with leftover lace from my wedding dress. It is secured with poppers.

We're relaxing now but it has been a productive day. Early night I think. Lots of reading planned for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Just A Quick One

Dh and I are having an early night tonight. We've both had busy days today, even so we went for a half hour walk this evening and got some food shopping on the way back. We've just got in, I've boiled the kettle for a hot water bottle, made us both a cup of tea and now we're both reading in bed (except I've stopped to quickly post this!) Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's continued support of my blog. It's freezing again tonight. Wrap up warm everyone!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Reading, Allotmenting And Watching Old Programmes

I've had a lovely day today. Dh has been out with friends with the car so I walked to the allotment this morning and did some digging. It was pretty hard work but I really wanted to get some of the beds turned before it starts raining again next week.

I walked back and had some lunch and a coffee, had a bit more of a clean and tidy up. I then did some reading. I'm enjoying Voices From The Home Front by Felicity Goodall. After getting hot with all the digging at the allotment, once i sat down I felt quite cold so I got some logs in and I've got the woodburner on. I then found  a programme on BBC I-PLayer broadcast in 1956 about young women moving to London in search of a better life and what their options are and what happens to some of them. They interviewed  a lot of young women, landladies of hostels, employers etc. It seems to be an informative documentary for worried parents and I found it very interesting.

For tea I had poached eggs on toast and an Orange. Tomorrow I'm back to the allotment for more digging as well as a walk, I'm sorting charity bits for Dh to drop off and dh and I will hopefully get some walking in. The drain-man bill came today, £82 so I've sent a cheque off for that too.

In bed tonight I'll carry on reading  a fictional book I bought written in 1947 called Golden Pavements. It's about  a group of young adults going off to drama school and what happens to them. I think it may have been written for children but never mind, I'm enjoying it very much, it has a lovely gentle story and is perfect for bedtime :)

I dug ovrr three beds. Same again tomorrow!

We Needed A Cold Spell- And We've Got It!

Being British I LOVE talking about the weather- I think it's genetic ;) and for weeks now everyone has been saying we need a cold snap after all this wet weather we've been having, to kill off the bugs and make it feel like a proper winter and get everything drying out. Well today it has arrived here in the South with Dh reporting it's -4 outside (that's cold for us - please don't laugh anyone living anywhere that is 'really' cold! ). I've gone rogue and put the radiator on, something I rarely do in the mornings. It is usual for me to wear coats, gloves and a hat inside in winter.

Burt has eaten his breakfast and gone back to bed. As it's supposed to be wet again within the week I will go to the allotment today. Although I won't be able to do digging, I can weed and get some exercise. I was reading about the Land Girls working their socks off harvesting beets in ground that was frozen solid. If they can do that I'm sure I can manage  a bit of weeding! I'm going to make  a big soup at lunch time to have over the weekend. Dh has taken on extra work as we're saving whilst waiting for work to begin on the roof, and I am bringing household expenses down as much as I can.

In addition to the allotment, today I will be cleaning and tidying the house, going on  a walk  and later on, getting the fire on and doing some reading. Plenty of hot drinks and maybe warm scone with butter and a cup of tea :)

Have a lovely weekend, stay warm!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Very Long Walk!

Firstly, I'd just like to thank everyone for all their lovely comments and support yesterday. I did get the fire on in the evening and Dh and I played cards. I then had an early night reading one of my new novels written in 1947.

Today, it's been raining on and off but I really wanted to 'do' something. As we've gotten a bit behind with our walking (we're doing Ilonas 1000 mile challenge at Life After Money blog) I suggested we did a ten mile walk. Dh and i love walking but we've never done 10 miles in one go before. We decided as it's so wet and muddy to stick to mostly country roads and pavements. The first 5 were pretty easy, then it started raining which wasn't as much fun, luckily it stopped for the last 2 so we dried out  a bit. We did it!

It feels like a great achievement. This evening I have some planning to do for some games and a treasure hunt I am planning for when my nieces visit so I better get cracking!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

I Need Some Spirit Of The Blitz! :/

Ok. . . . Recently things have gotten a bit *blows raspberry* and I'm feeling a bit fed up. I want my blog to be real and not just a reflection on the good times, so I'm sitting here in a thick cardy with a scarf and hat on armed with a big coffee and am going to have  a massive rant to get it all off my chest (so sorry).

We live in a maisonette, and the owner of the other half always rented it out until recently and it was a nightmare getting him to agree to any external maintenance  so the outside is very rundown. Recently with all the rain (will it ever stop?) we realised the roof beams have slipped and our roof is leaking. The new owner wants to sort it out too ( thank goodness) as well as repair external walls and repaint and new gutters and fascias which should help with the smallish damp problem we're currently managing in the bedroom, but this is going to cost serious money, thousands, and we don't have it. We're going through our options now of how to get the money together. It will be amazing once it's done, but i have no idea how long we have to wait for the work to start, and how we are going to fund it. We might have to cancel our 2017 trip to visit my sister in Australia we've been saving for, and even then it won't be enough :(

Our car has also cost us  a small fortune recently, more than its worth really, reaching a new record of going to the garage for three separate problems within a week. It may have to be retired soon, but that's  a problem for  another day as we're not currently in a position to get a new one.
I'm going to be totally British now and say I'm sick of this weather! Round here it's rain, rain, rain, rain. It's cold and damp, our house is freezing and I can't dry any washing unless the dehumidifier is on, which is not cheap to run. Everywhere feels messy and unclean, which is not true but just reflects my mood. We have no central heating and there's no denying it- it's cold, not freezing but so damp it just feels miserable.

My work is ok but dh is struggling a bit with his and is feeling pretty frustrated at the moment too. Plus he's trying to sort out the roof problem and earn extra to help with everything.

We have plumbers bill expected at the end of the month for just over £100 for the emergency work to the kitchen sink which meant i couldn't use the washing machine or kitchen sink for a week over Christmas.
Burt was  sick all over the lounge tablecloth yesterday. I've washed it but it's pretty thick, so today I have to try and get it dry. Not  a massive problem but it gets to a point where everything feels like a big problem.
We wanted to go walking this weekend but it's so wet i can't bear to have any more wet coats and muddy wellies in the house.

I've been reading a Land Girls book recently and it's brilliant. So, right now I'm going to get up, get the house spick and span, do the ironing, get dh and go somewhere, anywhere to get out the house. Then tonight we're going to light the fire, get all our WW2 stuff out and try and forget our troubles!

Tomorrow is a new day!
Wish me luck.

These are the books i bought at  a second hand bookshop last weekend :)

Friday, 1 January 2016

A Productive Start To A New Year

Last night we had an early one and were asleep just after ten. I'm more of a fan of getting a good night's sleep and starting the day bright and early than staying up til midnight then beginning the day waking up at lunch time then spending the afternoon wrapped in  a duvet nursing a hangover!
We did have  a bit of a lie in though and got up at 8am. I made us coffee  and toast for breakfast. We got lots of stocking fillers for Christmas of things like jam, chutney and honey so we've been making the most of those :)
As I've taken on the 1000 miles in 2016 challenge from  Ilona at Life After Money blog, we thought we'd start the day with a brisk walk. We did 3 miles off - road which was muuuuddddyyyy and windy but we came home feeling refreshed and ready for lunch which was left over veg reheated with noodles, sprinkling of cheese and dh had a slice of toast.
We went for another walk in the evening, round town this time and did another couple of miles. This evening we're watching Sherlock and treating ourselves to a bit of choco from our stocking :)