Monday, 14 December 2015

Today I haven't stopped!

I got in last night after a long drive (dh) and was so exhausted I went straight to bed. We struggled to get up this morning. Usually dh goes straight to work at 6am and I make coffee and bring him breakfast and do a few jobs before I go to work. Today we didn't get up til 7am and even that was an effort.  

Today I finished work at 2pm, came home to find dh had made me a lovely lunch- what a surprise! Not only that but he said he'd had such a good morning at work he'd come and help me at the allotment for an hour before it got dark - he's a keeper ;) 

We both worked hard at the allotment, then I came back and I went straight out again to drop some cards off. When I got back I did a 'big clean' as we hadn't been in much at the weekend to catch up on chores and I like the house to be clean and tidy. 

I then played the piano for half an hour,  made dinner and I'm now about to have a quick shower before we go out again on a walk. When we get back I think I'll go straight to bed with some of my new Picture Post Magazines from the wartime era I bought recently :)

I wanted to get my Christmas wrapping paper made tonight but.  . . . I'm pooped! It's not going to happen. I will fix dh's slippers though which badly need the attention of my needle and thread.   

An early night well earnt!


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