Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Sister Is Here!

After a late night last night at the work Christmas party I got out of bed this morning and headed straight for the kettle to make dh and I a coffee as it was 6am and I'd had about 5 hours sleep! We had a drive to Dorset to my parents house where we were awaiting the arrival of my sister and nieces from the airport. My parents were picking them up. Their flight was horribly delayed so what is an incredibly long trip anyway was made hours longer.

The girls had slept on the plane so were still pretty chirpy on arrival.  After a sit down, catch up and dog walk my parents got down the decorations,  put on the Christmas music and we all decorated the tree and put the decorations up. I couldn't help but notice a lot of our 'high quality' childhood homemade decorations were suspiciously absent and seemed to have been replaced with some new shop bought decorations!  *gasp*

We had dinner together and then the girls crashed, hardly surprising as it was the equivalent of 1am in Oz. Dh is just driving us home now. I'm really tired and will have an early night too. It's a hot water bottle and double duvet night. Nighty night.


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