Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Hello. Life has been very hectic recently. The car has had some trouble and has been in the garage three times in the last week, then the kitchen sink blocked (I have no idea why, we're so careful!), which meant we had no kitchen sink and no washing machine for a week. It was fixed yesterday but as the weather is so bad now it's very hard to dry anything so I'm just washing emergency clothes until the rain stops- whenever that may be.
I can't complain though as I have been reading about all the people affected by the flooding with more rain to come. My thoughts are with them.
This New Year dh and I are having a quiet one, evening walk, Scrabble, slice of Christmas Cake, cup of tea, early night.
Happy New Year Everyone :)

Another magazine to add to my collection :)


  1. Wishing you all the best for the New Year! Pat

  2. Happy new year to you, Gillie.

  3. Happy new year, we always stay in but we are happy to x

  4. Thank you all. Happy new year to you too! :)