Saturday, 19 December 2015

Getting Organise For Christmas

I'm feeling fairly organised for  Christmas. I did my usual homemade Christmas Cards. They're not going to win any awards as they're made with a potato stamp of a Christmas tree! But I like that they're homemade and i think people like that too. I made and sent out 30.

Today, the weather is wet and windy and dh has been out all day helping his friend with his market stall. After I dropped him off I went into town to get a few bits, nothing exciting, pan scourers, washing liquid and  a few bits from the charity shops.

When I got back I had a bowl of homemade  veggie soup and a crusty roll, I had a tidy up, hoovered, did the ironing and bathroom. I had already wrapped the presents vintage style using brown paper and my trusty potato stamp but I was missing the string so I did that and they are now finished and I just have a couple more to get.

Our presents are not very extravagant, thank goodness we don't do that in our family, some are second hand and some are homemade.

For dinner tonight I have a nutloaf my mum bought then didn't want so I've cooked that up with pasta for DH  (I don't like pasta) and white sauce and veggies.



  1. There's nothing better than second hand or home made presents. Well done for keeping that going in your family, it's sometimes hard with all the outside commercial pressures. Jane xx

    1. Thanks. I know some people spend hundreds. We keep it pretty sensible except my parents who are going a bit mad this year as their grandchildren only come over about every third year :)