Monday, 16 November 2015

Why I Do Love Mondays!

I get most weekends off except some where I work Saturday mornings.  However, I don't mind working the odd weekend as I love my work hours. On Mondays I finish at 2pm-it's practically a half day! And makes Mondays much less painful- I'm lucky enough to have a job I enjoy so it's not too painful anyway but still, it's nice to start the week by only working a few hours.  . . Sorry if I seem smug. I'm not meaning to but after my last job where I worked every hour of the day it still seems like a treat that needs shouting about that I'm working normal hours! !!!

Anyways, after work today the weather was pretty damp and cloudy but not yet raining so I put on my wellies and went up the allotment to do some weeding.  I've started walking to the allotment recently. It's about 25 minutes each way and walking gives me time to think and I really enjoy it. 

The ground is heavy and hard to work.  I'm closing everything down now for winter. 

When I got in I made some sunflower and sesame crackers and put on dinner of baked sweet potatoes,  sausages and mushrooms. The crackers are very simple to make and are cheap as well even to make organically, as organic sesame and sunflower seeds are fairly cheap for me to buy locally. They only have four ingredients aside from sweet or savoury seasonings.

Dh and I are going for a walk in a bit and I still have the washing up to do. Nighty night.



  1. These crackers looks so good. Maybe you can share the recipe one day. Have a great day :)

  2. Walking is such a good way to clear the mind. Great crackers - hope you can share the recipe.