Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekend On My Own

DH has had a weekend away with his friends this weekend so I have been on my own. He had the car so I've mostly been in the house.  The weather has been blowy with rain on and off but I made sure I got out for a walk yesterday. I did some jobs I've been wanting to do for ages: I cleaned out the pots and pans cupboard.  Some bits I never use any more so have gone in the charity bag. Others were beyond repair and have gone in the bag for Dh to take to metal recycling.  There is so much more room in their now!  I did some other cleaning jobs and reading that I have been wanting to catch up on. I've got some library books I simply must finish! 

Living in an old house (maisonette) we only have single walls.  The outside is in need of some love and now someone new is moving in (the previous owner didn't want to maintain the building and was very difficult to deal with) we are hoping to repair and paint the outside next year- woop! As we have rotten fascias and guttering that is not 100 percent as well as single walls our home is prone to damp.  It was pretty bad when we first moved in 5 years ago and is much better now although it's still a problem during wet winters.  I hope with some tlc to the outside next year the problem will be completely fixed. Anyone else have this problem?  I used to feel very depressed about it but now feel it is just part and part of owning an old home.  

Today, I walked to the allotment,  did an hours work down there then walked back.  At the moment I am roasting some veg including home grown squash with fresh herbs which I will have ready for dh when he gets in in a bit. We will have it with cheese omelette.  Tonight, it will be a game of rummy and a nice walk to catch up.  

I made this draught excluder from some spare linen :)



  1. Hi Gillie,the way you organize your day more over the efforts you put in to it are very simple yet inspiring - JP from India

    1. Thanks. Our home is very small so I try to sort out cupboards etc regularly to prevent the build up of clutter :)