Saturday, 3 October 2015

Our Busy Life - In Pics

We've been really busy recently,  particularly at weekends.  Last weekend we got together with friends at their beach house near Portsmouth. We went out for a lovely meal,  played games,  relaxed and had general merriment :)

We had the best weather of the year I think!  This is the sunrise on our drive down. 

We've been to some great antiques fayres and got some great ww2 items including this original field telephone in it's box. 

The box is not as common as they are heavy so a lot were discarded to make them more portable. 

We have spent some nights in relaxing now the evenings are drawing in. We enjoy a game of cards,  usually rummy but sometimes it's Uno!

Burt enjoying the sunshine.  We're off to another antiques sale tomorrow.  I'm off to read my new library books then have a stack of ironing to do. 



  1. Well it certainly looks like you've been having a wonderful albeit busy time of late. It seems like contentment. X

  2. Is that beach in Gosport.? Looks just like my home town. It's making me homesick.

  3. Hi Gillie, Just touching base to say hi! Have just discovered your blog and look forward to following :) Sue

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. Glad you're enjoying my blog :)

  4. Hi Gillie,discovered your blog a couple of days back and completed reading all the articles you posted on this blog...waiting for the next one.Loved your house pics.When I'm going through your blog I was really amazed that people in the developed countries are inclining towards simple living.Your house looked like the one which we live in,where I live in a developing
    country - JP