Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My 'Week Off' Foodie Challenge

I find food fascinating.  I am very interested in the role it takes in our health and wellbeing.  I am very proud that I haven't eaten fast food for at least 10 years and that I started regularly attending farmers markets and buying local produce about the same time.  I love supporting small,  independent shops and the majority of my shopping is done this way,  rather than in supermarkets.

As I have a week off work this week and the weather is terrible! I am going to give myself a food challenge which is to eat a completely unprocessed diet this week unless I am making myself from scratch.  Does that make sense?  E.g butter I can have, as long as I make it myself,  if I want bread, not only must I make it myself but I must grind my own flour also, honey?  Yes, as I buy it in its raw state. Tinned beans?  No, but dried beans that I soaked and cooked myself would be fine.  I like a challenge and am looking forward to doing this! Back to basics. I will let you know how I get on :)


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  1. You are very disciplined to be cooking from scratch. Please post some photographs of your meals. X