Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Foodie Challenge- Making Flour And Butter

So yesterday was the first day of my foodie challenge and, I'll be honest, I did spend A Lot of time in the kitchen. But it was raining all day so I didn't mind.  

The first thing I wanted to do was make my own flour so I could bake bread. I got some spelt grain and slowly ran it through the grinding function on my juicer.  My juicer is one of my only kitchen gadgets. It's a Matstone so it can do lots of things beside juicing. I usually use it for grinding almonds into almond meal but on this occasion it worked well for spelt grain.  It took a long time as I had to run it through the machine several times as it was very very course initially. However, once it was all run through and I had seived it it was much better. I tried not to remove too much of the husk but some of it did have to go otherwise I think anything made with it would have been very tough.  

Once I had made the flour I then made a small loaf of bread. I was worried the flour would not rise well but I needn't have worried. It rose really well and apart from being a smaller loaf and flstter than usual really just because I had less dough, the texture was really good and it tasted really good! 

I then set about making my own butter.  I have done this before so sort of knew what I was doing. Apart from being a bit greasy the experience was fun and I ended up with a good sized pat of local, organic, handmade butter. 

I had some flour left over and dh requested scones. Because I don't use sugar I replaced it with honey and raisins giving the scones a looser texture.  They didn't rise quite as well and were quite crumbly but they tasted delicious.  I saved some of the cream from butter making and also made some 'jam' by gently cooking a chopped plum with a little honey. So we had our own version of a cream tea in the afternoon.  

I also made a simple sweet potato,  lentil and veggie soup which was very nice and we had eggs on toast.  

I have told dh that today's menu will be a more simple affair as I am hoping to get down the allotment before the rain starts again!

The butter is really good.  

The scones are amazing but a 'one off' treat!

The bread turned out amazingly well but is a much smaller loaf



  1. Well done on doing everything from scratch, how did you make the butter?

    1. It's very easy. I just use a hand/stick blender to whip the cream until it turned to curds and buttermilk. I then drained it and put the curds into cold water which is supposed to help remove the buttermilk. I then drain it with a fine seive, add a pinch of salt, compact and wrap in grease proof paper and put it in the fridge :)

  2. they look delicious!. Its been forever since I made butter,I must put it on my to do list.
    what do you do with the buttermilk? everyone I know makes scones from it but I can't resist just drinking the whole lot

    1. I didn't have a lot of buttermilk so I did add it to my scones:)

  3. That bread looks so tasty and I now have a craving for some fresh scones. X

  4. Wow Gillie, I'm extremely impressed:) I haven't had home made bread since I was a child, your loaf looks so delicious.