Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hello, Welcome To Our Home. Would You Like To Come In? - The Lounge

Hello, we move on to the lounge, or sitting room or living room as some people know them as. When we first moved in this room was cold and had barely any furniture in. We had no television and it had damp so we spent hardly any time in here. Five years on and I love this room.  Every piece of furniture tells a story and although the room is small it suits us well.  It's still cold in winter and I spend many an evening curled up on the sofa with a duvet and two hot water bottles!

 The sofa is the only new piece of furniture in our lounge as it's also a bed. Having no guest room it was important for us to have a comfortable bed for friends to sleep in when they visit

The table and cupboard the tv is on were both my Grandma's

The two books on the left I got for £1 each from a second hand book shop.

This picture is actually a jigsaw puzzle I did with my Dad when I was young. He made a frame for it and glued it to a board.  My parents had it up in their family room for years.  When they downsized it came to live with us.

This is a WW2 lead lined chest we got from a car boot sale for £15. It weighs a ton! I use it as a coffee table.  

I've tried looking up the owner of this chest to see if I can find out anything about him but I've been unsuccessful.  Brigadier R.G Miller was the original owner. 

I have a nest of three of these tables from my Grandma.  She said they were Utility Furniture. They are still in great condition. My mum made the coasters. 

A few other points that may be of interest.  The blanket over the back of the sofa is homemade.  I made it butterfly looming.  The ties for the curtains I made from the leftover lace from my wedding dress. The lamp was also my Grandma's as was the 2 single chairs :)



  1. Your living/dining room is nice and you have special memories of much of the furniture.

    I was wondering why it is still cold. What sort of heat do you have or is it perhaps poorly insulated? I don't mind sitting with a quilt or some sort of cover in the winter time but do like to know I can make the room as warm as I want if need be.

    Thanks for sharing your home.

    1. Hi Sandy. Our home is cold in winter for a few reasons. Firstly, we have no central heating. We have one electric radiator in the lounge and that's it for the whole house! We did have one in dh's office but he took it out to put in a bookcase! We have a woodburner in the bedroom I use a lot in winter. Also the building is old, so although we have double glazing and loft insulation we don't have cavity walls so I guess that makes a difference too.

  2. Very nice of you to show us around.
    You have the most interesting furniture with lovely memories, quite unique.
    So nice that you have items from your family and they look in such good condition, they must have been well cared for.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Pam in Texas. xx

    1. Hi Pam, keeping the furniture as nice as it was when my Grandma had it is always at the front of my mind. Lord help anyone who comes in and puts their car keys on the Welsh Dresser! ;)

  3. I find this so refreshing to see your lovely home with keepsake furniture. It's truly lovely and to know that each piece means something special to you. My home is like this.. but today it seems that people want a stylish look with no regard to items that hold memories. It's really a beautiful home you had made.

  4. I love utility furniture, we have a tea trolly with bakelite wheels.
    I also have many things from my Grandparents house, a beautiful 1930's house it was. Thank you for the house tour, you have a very pretty home.
    Fondly Michelle

  5. I think your Brig R G Miller was Brigadier R.G. Miller M.A.,MIEE. (service number 62546) in the Royal Corps of Signals, promoted Lieutenant To Captain 1/2/1942, declared "Supernumary to Establishment" 15/08/1964 and Retired on Pension pay on18/11/1968.(Source London Gazette)
    The address on your box still exists as flats, and can be found on Streetview, Googlemaps
    Hope this helps-

    1. Wowsers. Amazing thanks! I'll look into that as soon as I finish work :)

  6. Could be: box may carry service no.?, or Sigs reference
    Brigadier R.G. Miller MA.,MIEE Royal Corps of Signals Service Number
    Lieutenant to Captain 1/02/1942, Brigadier in 1964 Declared "Supernumary to Establishment 15/08/1964. Retired to Pension Pay 18/11/1968. Source "London Gazette" . Address on box still valid , as flats now.
    Hope this helps, best regards -micamart

  7. Further detail for the man, Full name Ronald George Miller, promoted from Captain to Major 1//1947. Awarded CBE in Birthday Honours 1968
    ref WO 373/173/8 19/11/1968. Have not found promotion route to Brigadier.
    If this is "your" Brigadier, there could be information from the Regimental records- Royal Corps of Signals. The last line on the chest , Bramley UK would be the nearest railway station to the address.This line (Guildford to Shoreham )closed, thanks to Dr. Beeching, around 1963 Good Luck