Sunday, 12 July 2015

WW2 Historical Day

Although DH has still not been paid,  I had been looking forward to this day out for weeks and wasn't going to miss it! So I raided our holiday fund of the princely sum of £30, and we hit the road.

I packed us a picnic to save money.  I made sandwiches and biscuits from a rationing recipe,  a flask of tea and a bottle of water,  although we did stop at the WI tent for a cup of tea and slice of cake :)

There were re-enactors and living history displays.  The weather was overcast but it did stay dry.

There was also weapons displays, military vehicle displays,  classic car displays and a very loud assault weapon reenactment! 

Love this car!

We were treated to some ww2 hits,  most of which I knew and sang along to :)

It was a great day. I bought some original ww2 British newspapers for £1 each.  I will read them with a cup of tea later. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hello, Welcome To Our Home. Would You Like To Come In? - The Lounge

Hello, we move on to the lounge, or sitting room or living room as some people know them as. When we first moved in this room was cold and had barely any furniture in. We had no television and it had damp so we spent hardly any time in here. Five years on and I love this room.  Every piece of furniture tells a story and although the room is small it suits us well.  It's still cold in winter and I spend many an evening curled up on the sofa with a duvet and two hot water bottles!

 The sofa is the only new piece of furniture in our lounge as it's also a bed. Having no guest room it was important for us to have a comfortable bed for friends to sleep in when they visit

The table and cupboard the tv is on were both my Grandma's

The two books on the left I got for £1 each from a second hand book shop.

This picture is actually a jigsaw puzzle I did with my Dad when I was young. He made a frame for it and glued it to a board.  My parents had it up in their family room for years.  When they downsized it came to live with us.

This is a WW2 lead lined chest we got from a car boot sale for £15. It weighs a ton! I use it as a coffee table.  

I've tried looking up the owner of this chest to see if I can find out anything about him but I've been unsuccessful.  Brigadier R.G Miller was the original owner. 

I have a nest of three of these tables from my Grandma.  She said they were Utility Furniture. They are still in great condition. My mum made the coasters. 

A few other points that may be of interest.  The blanket over the back of the sofa is homemade.  I made it butterfly looming.  The ties for the curtains I made from the leftover lace from my wedding dress. The lamp was also my Grandma's as was the 2 single chairs :)


Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Busy Few Days

It's been a really good but busy time here in the Vintage House. It started off on Sunday with Dh and I going to a free Vintage Military Vehicle display. It was raining but that was fine and it was really good. There were men and women dressed up in military uniforms. The women looked so smart!

We have changed to loose tea from tea bags and I love it! So much easier to make the most of our tea ration. I have been looking out for a tea strainer for a while and dh found me one for 99p in a charity shop, as before this I was using  a fine seive!

Yesterday evening we went to the allotment and did loads of harvesting.  We picked a pound of blackcurrants,  half a pound of strawberries a small amount of broad beans. When we got home I set us both up a little work station on trays and we sat in the lounge and dh podded the broad beans and topped the strawberries and I picked the blackcurrants off the stalks and sorted them. We did this while watching a 40s documentary. I then simmered the strawberries down with a little sugar, added some agar flakes (a veggie thickener), put it in a kilner jar and put it in the fridge once cooled.  It made a kind of soft jam and it's really nice!  

I don't start lunch til lunch time today so I got up early, did some washing. I've started hand washing at the moment which I'm enjoying. I then made up a barley stew and set it simmering on the stove.  After breakfast and a cup of tea I took some rhubarb and blackcurrants from our allotment and stewed them with some pears. Dh loves stewed fruit so I try and make batches regularly. I then made a one egg sponge using a Marguerite Patten wartime recipe.  Wartime cake portions I find are generally quite small due to rationing so instead of doing two sandwiches I did one and topped it with my jam recipe.  I don't like to blow my own trumpet often but it was really good! 

Hope you're having a good week.  Lounge photos coming soon :)