Monday, 22 June 2015

Enjoying That 'Old Fashioned' feeling

Dh still hasn't received the money from the company he did some work for,  he's currently waiting to hear back from them as to whether the 2 further invoices he submitted to them will be late also, which is also likely.  We've been being super frugal but also having fun, and I am enjoying the leisurely pace life is currently taking. 

I've been taking lots of little steps to progress my vintage life, I enjoy it so much. 

I have been reading this book based on the 2000
Channel 4 series. I didn't see it when it was on and really want to buy the dvd, but it is still about £20 to buy and I can't find it second hand so, alas, my purchase will have to wait.

Burt has been scratching these chairs.  The material is just too irristible to him! He has a scratch post but he doesn't like it.  Yesterday I took drastic action. While dh recovered his scratch post with a material we think he'd prefer then liberally sprinkled catnip over it,  I made some loose covers in this cream linen to protect the original covers (pink).  I put a homemade blanket over the back to make it harder for him to grab on to the side.  I am also using Feliway,  a natural spray to discourage scratching- fingers crossed! 
I have been doing lots of recipe research and am planning 'rationing-take 2' coming very soon.

Dh has found an exciting vintage free day out we can go on Sunday so I'm looking forward to that :)

After I finished work today I came home and made lunch. I then tidied up, washed the kitchen floor,  hoovered then sat down, had a cup of tea and read my book. Dh and I then went for a walk up the lane and back.  It was really windy! Another cup of tea followed and I'm now just about to put dinner on,  we're having lentil stew and I will do enough for lunch tomorrow.

This evening I might do some crafting followed by a game of cards with dh. We enjoy Liverpool rummy.



  1. i really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing.
    You might be able to find the 1940's House episodes on You Tube.
    I watched them there a year or so ago. Its amazing what you can watch for free. I am a Brit living in TX but keep up with Eastenders and Corrie via You Tube.
    Here in the US we have other web sites too where people post recorded programmes, a google search might bring up some other choices for you.
    Good luck.
    Pam in Texas.xx

    1. Hi, Thanks Pam, I didn't think of You Tube as an option. I don't know why they haven't repeated the series on the tele as they did with The Victorian Farm series etc which is always on. I will have a scout around ;)

  2. I have that book & the dvd, I found it second hand a few years ago. It is a shame you don't live down the road you could borrow it. Coal House at War is another series like 1940's house but set in Wales.
    Our cat George does not like his pole either but does like the back of the sofa!! I bought catnip & spray bt no joy. He has got a little better as he gets older, I think because he is a house cat it makes it worse as they do not have trees.
    Gooseberry crumble for tea from our bushes.
    I love you blog, do you have a 40's interior to go with your 40's lifestyle.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. You have inspired my next post!

  3. Your chair is looking great. I hope the cat leaves well alone. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter of your rationing. X

    1. Thanks Summerdays. We definitely prefer rationing and I'm tweaking our allocations at the moment and I've got my recipe books out :)